Even More (Another 100,000) Beta Invites

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I have been playing since '06 without me canceling my account once. I hoped I would part of these invites but I guess it's not my time yet. Oh well.
Awsome news!! Thanks Blizzard

If you have time and can add me to the list I would love an invite.
Great job Blizz.

Keep it coming!
WOuldn't it be 300k inv's? I mean, 100k last night, 100k in the earlier announcement today, and now this? doesn't seem to add up to 200k or am I missing something?
03/30/2012 09:36 PMPosted by Vikmourne
So this means we're at a total of 300,000 AP invites being sent out in these big waves, correct?

Correct. SO FAR! duh duhn DUUUUUUHN!
3rd time's a charm! Cmonnnn.

It'll show up in our bnet wow account games list, right?

So when are new servers going to be made for all the people?
Bashiok! I have work tomorrow... Gah, I'm going to be up all night refreshing >.<
You're awesome though, thanks for more invites!
Still nothing on my Account...
BASH you know you looooove me... Don't forget me!!! <3
03/30/2012 09:31 PMPosted by Bashiok
We heard you like invites so we put an invite in your invite so you can beta while you beta.
thats one of my favorite memes.. just sayin. made me laugh
Still nothing /o\
U make me smile bash
03/30/2012 09:39 PMPosted by Bashiok
Correct. SO FAR! duh duhn DUUUUUUHN!

I won't be going to bed tonight.
Time to spam f5 till it breaks :)

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