loque'nahak help will reward

on garona server
my ID is saintjames1975@gmail.com
if you lay eyes on loque'nahak for me and dont kill him i'll pay 2000g.
so please help me out.
i tend to be logged on at night after 10pm for a few hours at least.

2000g if you help me find him. thanks again.
my toon names are headhogg (main) and derekzoolndr (alt)
Just fyi he seems to spawn in the 51-81 area (SW of Skyreach Pillar) around 6am server time. I got him there on my hunter, and just saw another hunter tame him. In general, I have been getting the rares at that time of the morning. No one else ever seems to be around. Good luck.
Still need him?

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