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Nomaya: Approved
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Characters name: Mizzark

Race: Goblin

Sex: Male

Class: Hunter (Swashbuckler/Gunslinger)

Armor: Wears a simple white shirt and black pants with chain mail worn beneath and leather boots (Mizzark prefers to be light and mobile rather than encumbered by armor)

Weapons: Flinklock Pistol, two hatchets/tomohawks

Age: 27

Alignment: Horde

History: Mizzark comes from a long line of infamous pirates. For hundreds of years the name Mizzark has been passed from father to son, mother to daughter, and has been synonymous with vicious, lethal and insane. His father was a particularly insane, greedy pirate who lead a large band of pirates across the seas, raiding and looting any and all ships he encountered. Up until age 15 Mizzark lived on the seas with his father, learning to pillage and kill any who opposed him. From a young age he grew to detest his father and the pirate lifestyle, this caused him a lot of problems in his childhood, often leading to horrible beatings by not only his father, but many of the pirates on his ship as well. He trained day in and day out, hoping to one day fight his way off of the ship, knowing his father, who was so concerned with upholding the legacy of their family name, would rather see his son dead than living any life other than the pirate life. On the eve of his 16th birthday the band of pirates made a stop at Booty Bay to fill up on mead and celebrate Mizzark's tranistion into manhood. Mizzark, however had other plans. After the rowdy band of sailors had mostly fallen into a deep, mead enduced sleep Mizzark began his great escape. Stealing his fathers pistol and the family ring, passed down from the first Mizzark 568 years ago, he gathered up his posestions and made his way to the dock. Unfortunatly for him, his fathers lifelong best friend and first-mate was harrassing a woman on the pier and stopped to wish Mizzark a happy birthday one more time. Noticing his backpack and the stolen pistol on his belt, he drew his sword and attacked. Mizzark, having the distinct advantage of sobriety, quickly dismembered the pirate and set off into the jungle.
For the next three four years Mizzark travelled all over azeroth, exploring most of the Eastern Kingdoms and some of Kalimdor, teaching himself to survive. He became quite the accomplished hunter and duelist, utilizing and honing his skill with both the pistol and the handaxe. He also became quite notorious for his many tavern brawls and scuffles with guards.
At age 20 Mizzark got into the line of mercenary work, acting as a bounty hunter, bodyguard and deadly escort.

Personality: Mizzark is slightly insane. Raised on the high seas by pirates, Mizzark developed slightly sociopathic views. Always looking for a fight and never discouraged by his small stature Mizzark loves confrontation. While he is not a Horde fanatic, he does appreciate the opportunity it gives him to fight and, of course, make some gold. Not particularly friendly to people he doesn't know Mizzark doesn't often make friends, but he can be quite loyal if you gain his trust. Mizzark has a particular distaste for magic users.

Editted to include history. :)
I will read the signup when I get home, Mizzark, I have to go ._.
Mizzark: Approved, should be interesting.
Name: Colrick Everstead

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Class: Paladin

Appearance: Never content with the safety of merely attending public sermons or wearing the raiment of cloth that those who preach the good word of the light generally prefer as they stand behind the front lines, Colrick has always firmly believed that in order to inspire goodness in others they must be motivated by example. This philosophy has led to the battle-hardened veteran to taking lead of any given situation and charging headlong into the thick of battle. In order to survive such hazardous environments, he has gone through the trouble of learning to don the heavy weight that comes with plate armor, and taking full advantage of the benefits that come from its mastery.

Possessing outstanding devotion to the ideals of the Light, Colrick Everstead has tied his beliefs toward upholding the well-being of the Alliance. He wears a heavily enchanted suit of armor, each different spell increasing the durability of the metal and reducing the amount of bodily harm Colrick may suffer in combat. His armor reflects the colors of the Alliance, with a nod to his command of the light, and consists of silver plating with blue trimming. His steel gray hair leads perfectly into a starling white cloak with golden attachments he wears, one which has all the durability of the strongest metals, he strikes for a commanding figure.

Weapons: Though he would prefer to find a more peaceful solution to most situations, Colrick has come to terms that some problems can only be solved through the use of violence. He chooses to wield a blade that shines brightly as if always aglow with a faint light, and a glimmering purple sheen. The blade has a chain attached to the hilt that he links to the plated glove on his main hand, preventing him from being easily disarmed. In addition, he also wields a silver steel shield lined with blue and bearing the lion head of Stormwind. Colrick has learned to effectively wield his shield as if it too were a weapon that he uses not only for protection, but to project a powerful mass of light shaped like his own shield, showing that the justice of the light will always reach those it seeks.

Age: 45

Alignment: Alliance (Coerced into the Ninth Legion)

History: Uprooted during the second war as a child, Colrick and his family moved to Lordaeron so that they could evade the onslaught of the Horde. Despite the brutal war sweeping the Eastern Kingdoms, the Everstead family managed to live in relative peace once they'd settled down and, as he grew older, Colrick eventually became interested in the legendary order of paladins, The Knights of the Silver Hand. He spent much of his youth following a harsh training routine and mulling over every word his teachers ever spoke, rarely ever using his free time for play. After years of training to be accepted for further training by the holy knights of the Silver Hand, Colrick got his wish and became a fully anointed member of the order dedicated to the light.

He remained a warrior of the light for at least ten years while in Lordaeron, using the strength he gleamed from his virtues to eliminate threats to both the Kingdom, and to the land. However, at the time that the plague began to spread, and despite his most prominent pleas to remain in Lordaeron to help combat the rising Scourge threat, Colrick was selected to help safeguard the evacuation efforts of the land's living citizens. Though he would have preferred to stay behind and fight, the brave paladin bit his tongue and obeyed the demands of his order, helping to guide the retreating caravans through the Eastern Kingdoms and all the way to the safety of Stormwind. However, the sudden transition to his homeland turned out to be exactly what he needed, showing to him that he and his order had been focusing far too much on simply keeping order within the boundaries of their nation. He has a new drive now, one that's taken him across the continents that Azeroth is comprised to spread the justice of the light throughout the land and bring order to the chaos that is enveloping their world.

Personality: Colrick is a stoic figure who prefers to sit by quietly and listen to others, sharing his thoughts only when he needs to bring order to a conversation or voicing his opinion when he notices a flaw in another's plans. These days he rarely loses his nerve and can be relied on to keep a level-head under incredibly stressful situations as he truly does his best to act as a figure for others to look up to. A warrior of the light, Colrick doesn't believe that all enemies should be eradicated based solely on affiliation, and thus, disagrees with the war brewing between the Horde and the Alliance, only wishing for it to come to an end so that both sides may focus on the threats that really matter to Azeroth's well-being.
I think I would really enjoy participating in this story. I've been working on a writing project of my own, but I recently came to the realization that the protagonists are totally underdeveloped, so RPing a paladin might give me some of the ideas I need to move on with my own work.
Characters name: Angel "The Dove" Strifften

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Class: Rogue

Weapons: Prefers using his fists, sometimes using a dagger for anytime he knows he can't have his "Fun" with his opponent, and has to break them down quickly. He is a master of the body, using it's weaknessess against his enemies.

Armor: A black and white set of leather, many spikes covering his shouldpads, a helmet that doesn't allow most of his face to be seen. A black cloak hangs off of his back, a heavy type of leather used for more protection. (The armor is the black recolor of the Bloodfang Set, ignore the red eyes.)

Age: 25

Alignment: Alliance Rogue, taking care of a lot of the dirty work. *Wink*

History: Born within a rich family, Angel was usually spoiled, picked on by the other kids because his was with a family like this, they were a bit envious. After multiple times of being beat up by the bullies in the town, he decided he had to take action, he had to -end- it. Making his way out of his house while his parents were sleeping, escaping with a knife, intentions written with blood. Luckily, the guards slept on the job, this made it all too easy. Stalking through the town with the knife, coming across one of the bullies houses. The silence, the sweet silence guarded him throughout the house as he stood above the bully... The sleeping.. About to die.. Bully. His mind was set, raising the blade with his left hand and taking care of the boy... As he did with the rest of those people who had tormented him.

Many years after the murders, papers about it still roamed, and that the culprit was never found. The thought of sadness, depression, filled Angel's mind. He couldn't deal with the fact that he was now feeling what the bullies' family was feeling. Taking a strange helment that was used by his Grandfather in the war. As it rained, Angel snuck out of his house and traveled out of Stormwind, fending for his own in the forests of Azeroth. He came across Stranglethorn Vale, being ambushed by a group of trolls. He prepared for dying, but suddenly a man jumped from the shadows and saved him, fighting off the trolls, another Rogue, he assumed by his fighting style. From that day forth, he idolized the man, returning to Stormwind as a battle-hardened man, still as youthful as ever. He joined the ranks of the SI:7, eventually leading a branch of the shadowy group. The day came when he was finally assigned the mission of assisting the Alliance in Feralas. It was a deed he didn't want to complete, but he was going to help them.

Personality: Clever, fighting whenever there was an open chance. He was nice, even though he was the person he was. Forgetting the incident so that his life wasn't complicated, and it turned out to be something he enjoyed.

Edited some grammar. 3:
Röguê: Approved
Colrick: Approved
So what does it look like we'll need before the true story can begin?
happen to have anymore spots ;p lol
Characters name: Kimerian Shiverwind, Ser Hellmaine

Race: Undead Night Elf

Sex: Male

Class: Death Knight/Alliance Shocktrooper

Armor: A bulky Saronite battlegear with a long skirt made out of
Ebonweave textile and a shroud of the unholy to symbolize his main discipline.

Weapons: A carved Nethersteel Runeblade with a half-cut scabbard (replaced his old traditional runeblade) and a book of unholy spells which he borrowed from Lady Alistra (Lady Alistra almost killed him while he was browsing the bookcase)

Alignment: Alliance/Newly assigned infantry to the 9th Legion


Kimerian is a former member of the 7th Legion stationed in Northrend, he stood valiantly
against the Scourge before he died inside the city of Ahn'kahnet, his squad comprising of
humans was wiped out, as the Nerubians overwhelmed them.

He served the Night Elven skirmishers before he was introduced to the Alliance he has no
talent for ranged weaponry but proved excellent in melee combat.

Like all Death Knights, Kimerian is a battle hardened veteran, he fought with the Lich
King during his service to the Scourge and dorned the name "Hellmaine".

Until the Battle of Light's Hope Chapel decided the fate of almost every Knight. He slowly remembered
his memories as time passed-by, a flickering glance of his past, he was called Elder Kimerian during his time.

Kimerian was eager to return and fight side by side again with his kin and to the Alliance as well, however everything was different than before like warlocks and other practioners of sinister powers he and his brethren was shunned by the Night Elven society,even after King Varian declared their readmission.

He tries to find a way to prove himself to his society that he was no longer the monstrosity
he was known before.

During his stay in Stormwind, he went to the Blue Recluse and drink away his problems, he occupied an empty
table sitting their for almost two hours however alcohol is tastes different than before, he saw a crumpled peice of
paper, his inquisitive nature prevailed he opened it seeing an advertisement of the Ninth Legion,
he narrowed his eyes reading all the details until something caught his attention the Legion will be
deployed in Kalimdor.

Seeing this as a perfect opportunity, he quickly rushed to the barracks and filled a recruitment paper
he quickly passed the test as expected, he is allowed to dorn his own battle raiment as he was classified
as "special" by the officers.

Personality: Hellmaine still posses feelings and emotions of a gallant elf, he is impatient,overconfident
and sometimes stubborn when enraged, which led to his undoing, by this time he realized
his mistakes and thinks of his resurrection as a last act of service to Mother Moon.

This does not mean he can be always the normal person he was, he still feeds on suffering
for he is still and forever be a Death Knight.

When in battle he does not like to collect trophies and sees this practice as an act of
desecration and dishonor.

He suffers a bit of insanity as the tides of unnatural chaos (the unholy energies itself)
alters the balance of his own personal visage, often suffering hallucinations
and hauntings from what he had done before.

(edit: paragraph and some grammar corrections I copy-pasta this because I used notepad)
There is always room for one more, Prazzix!

Kimerian, your lore / History for your character is twisted up ._.
04/03/2012 08:00 PMPosted by Colrick
So what does it look like we'll need before the true story can begin?

I would like some more Nightelf RP'ers but that most likely wont happen. >_<
There is always room for one more, Prazzix!

Kimerian, your lore / History for your character is twisted up ._.

Could you point out my mistakes so I can improve character development? >.<

I should have listened...Nelf Dks are hard to develop.
So what does it look like we'll need before the true story can begin?

I would like some more Nightelf RP'ers but that most likely wont happen. >_<

Well, and this is me being lazy, I could weave some extra characters into the Alliance side plot through my writing (currently in mind are a Dwarf shaman and a Night Elf mage) but I don't feel like writing any bios for them to submit x_x. For the most part my focus will be on Colrick's movements, but while I was flying around Feralas earlier to get a better idea of the area I also thought that a supporting character would be interesting to add for character interaction and the Night Elf mage just came to me for if the Alliance side begins to slack.

Edit: If you'd really like however, I could slap something quick together for the two of them. It wouldn't be very extensive or in depth, but I can guarantee that certainly won't be the case when actual writing begins.
There is always room for one more, Prazzix!

Kimerian, your lore / History for your character is twisted up ._.

Could you point out my mistakes so I can improve character development? >.<

I should have listened...Nelf Dks are hard to develop.

If you're thinking that a Night Elf death knight would be hard to implement into the story line for development wise, perhaps you could work with the angle that he's more there to act as a blade for the Ninth Legion. As a death knight you could easily write him off as being a bit aimless now that the Lich King has been destroyed and working for the Ninth Legion provides him an outlet to focus his rage against new targets, rather than allowing it to build up inside him. For the most part, and this is just how I would write that type of character, they'd likely be really out of touch with their emotions and one of those guys who's just unnaturally calm, bored, and simply looking for the next person to kill for their higher-ups since they know that their ability to command living soldiers is likely a bit skewed.

Then again, the writing will be yours to do, so maybe just try to flesh out why your character is really in Feralas and try to structure the history to reflect that a little bit more or try to make his past a bit more cohesive and flow a bit better. After rereading your character's history in light of Andromedai's feedback I think I see where it could be improved a bit in terms of information presentation and, if you'd like, I wouldn't mind pointing it out.

Lol, sorry if that sounds elitiist or anything, I do a lot of editorial and tutorial work for people so I tend to get carried away.

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