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Name: Prazzix

Race: Goblin

Sex: Female

Class: Mage

Armor: Normally is wearing a red velvet shirt with light blue linen pants. In other occasions its a blue robe with symbols of frost magic embroidered in it.

Weapons: Only recognizable weapon is a cane with a red jewel on the top. When in emergencies close quarters its used as a wand. Pulsing magic into it to make a short burst of energy to create a quick distraction.

Age: 24

Alignment: Horde

History: Back on Kazan her family was not 'rich' and her family only consisted of her mother. Her father had left when she was born. But her mother had a certain 'skill' of hers. Persuasion was a mighty aspect of her ability. Crafty and sly she has tricked many men and women into going her way. If anyone opposed her, the last time they would be seen is entering her home. Much money and treasures has been lost to her silver tongue. Some of her friends have joked about her being a trade prince with her ability. Over the years Prazzix's mother had taught her how to use this 'ability', she liked to call it, when she had gotten older. However after the treachery of the tradeprince all of those riches were lost. After the long journey of everything Prazzix had arrived at orgimar, fourteen years old. In the years she has lived so far she has traveled Azeroth. Tricking people into giving her their money and treasures. Goblin run towns often warn adventurers about the ice witch. Once those words entered your head, the next thing youll see is your body freezing ice solid then cracking into pieces. Wherever she goes, a hefty bag of coins is always at her side.

Personality: Prazzix doesnt care whether your young or old, fragile or bold, she'll try every trick shes learned from her mother to deceive you and rob you blind. She loses her temper quick when things dont go her way. Instead of melting from anger, you'll be in a flurry of ice. The crafty little goblin doesnt trust anyone but can make herself seem like she trusts her comrades. What she cant win with words, she'll win with pure ice.
Characters name: Kanarion Olfiras

Race: Night Elf

Sex: Male

Class: Mage

Armor: Kanarion prefers to adorn himself in robes that reflect his pompous, yet highly refined personality, one that has been allowed to grow unchecked with his time among the Highborne. The elven mage wears a grand set of flowing robes that consists of several cloth layers heaped atop one another and culminating with flamboyantly winged shoulder pads as well as an elegant cloak that trails down to the ground. To match his robes, Kanarion also wears a pair of long black gloves along with a pair of perfectly black boots that appear as if they'd never been worn before. His raiment gives the elf an unnaturally potent ability to blend in with whatever shadows happen to be in the area, especially when he is standing still, making him almost impossible to notice in the dark until he lights the area with a lethal spell. Everything about his appearance is utterly immaculate making it a truly rare occurrence for others to see him looking disheveled at any time.

Weapons: Like most spellcasters, Kanarion practically never bothers to engage directly in battle, making most weapons effectively useless, and even crude in his eyes. However, as much disdain as he holds for the more brutish acts of wielding such instruments into battle, the mage does acknowledge their use when one must defend themselves. This in mind, Kanarion chooses to wield a simple staff of black metal with a single spike acting as the tip, allowing him to thrust the the staff into foes as if it were a spear and giving him the chance to personally execute his enemies.

Age: 14,202

Alignment: Alliance - Ninth Legion Lieutenant

History: Born before the Burning Legion's first invasion of Azeroth, Kanarion Olfiras is from a time where the Well of Eternity still stood intact and he, like most of his kind, possessed unlimited potential to bend magic to their will. By some miracle, he was able to survive the Legion's assault against his world despite actively engaging in numerous battles against the demon horde. However, when the final battle was won and the Night Elves sacred fount of power was destroyed to thwart the Legion's invasion, Kanarion, like many of his kind who had come to rely heavily on magic, felt cut off from what had become a way of life. Therefore, when Illidan Stormrage founded a new Well of Eternity upon Mount Hyjal, he joined up with Highborne that had escaped from Azshara to protest their right to use the magic that was their right. His lust for magical prowess was so great that he even chose to partake in the summoning of the storm that ravaged his Night Elven brethren and eventually led to the exile of the Highborne.

Yet, instead of retreating across the seas like most of his kind, he instead chose to study within the halls of Dire Maul, beneath the very noses of the people who had exiled him and his ilk. For centuries, Kanarion and his cohorts practiced their magic in relative peace, becoming fine practitioners of the arcane, but the recent cataclysm has forced his kind to come out of their secluded ruins and share their reservoir of power with those they once called their kin. After grudgingly being accepted back into Night Elven society and seeing what devastation the Horde had been causing on Kalimdor, Kanarion was quick to respond, immediately deciding to take the fight to the Horde. The mage went on to lead a series of successful assaults against Horde Stations wherever their forces proved to be particularly threatening, eventually drawing the attention of the Ninth Legion higher-ups and prompting them to offer him a position among their ranks. Once more, Kanarion finds himself stationed in Feralas, the forest that he spent so many years living in and is more than ready to bring swift retribution upon the warmachine that the Horde has become.

Personality: Though incredibly powerful and knowledgeable, centuries of remaining confined to the Dire Maul ruins have taken their toll on Kanarion's social skills as he is only used to dealing with other magi and sorcerers. He openly shows disdain for those who have not proven adept in the magical arts, and even when confronted by other mages, if they do not prove themselves capable practitioners his words border on spitting in the faces of those he speaks with. However, despite his haughty and arrogant personality, Kanarion knows how to bootlick when the situation calls for it, showing others a devilish persona when dealing with those in positions of authority, at least until he's gained whatever it is he seeks.
Colrick, your two characters are approved, thank you for adding them to the RP. I would like to let you know that the Ninth Legion already has a commander/leader and the soldiers will be following her orders. (To keep the thread headed in the right direction and all.) You can keep your character the same rank but please take it easy with the commands / orders that you give.
How many people are we planning on having? :o
I could also probably add a night elf warrior or rouge to my plate if you need it.
I think we have a good number of people, we will start this evening. (Dont worry Prazzix, I did not forget about you :3)
-nodnod- Goodie. :D
mk got my post up lol.....my power was being a derp so i had to fix it

sorry my post is a bit small but you cant get far with goblins since they dont have much history >->
Andromedai, do you have any plans for the Ruins of Isilien?

Edit: Also, I'll drop Kanarion's ranks a few notches. I marked him as a Commander since I wasn't sure if you were going to partake in the story solely from the Horde perspective, but now that the smaller details are, for the most part, taken care of, he can probably just go to a lieutenant or corporal of some kind...probably lieutenant, that sounds cooler to say.
Someone has explored Feralas, havent they? :p
04/04/2012 05:02 PMPosted by Röguê
Someone has explored Feralas, havent they? :p

Haha, indeed I have. The day I signed up for this I went into Feralas and flew over the entire area to refresh my memory on where the RP will be taking place xD there are several areas that would be totally awesome to have modified IG to reflect Feralas being the next front on Kalimdor.
Good, I'll have to look around there later.
Im excited to see how this turns out!
Andromedai, do you have any plans for the Ruins of Isilien?

Edit: Also, I'll drop Kanarion's ranks a few notches. I marked him as a Commander since I wasn't sure if you were going to partake in the story solely from the Horde perspective, but now that the smaller details are, for the most part, taken care of, he can probably just go to a lieutenant or corporal of some kind...probably lieutenant, that sounds cooler to say.

I didnt, but I will look into it :P
The reason I ask is because it would make an excellent staging area for one of the factions, nothing intense like a fortified town, but a few tents for troops & watchmen while officers take shelter in the ruins still intact in order to plan out offensives. If that sounds like a good idea, I'd like to vote that the Alliance get that piece of territory for renovation as the Horde essentially have the capability to take over everything on the Eastern half of the map that lies behind Mojache and closer to Thousand Needles.

Not sure how it's meant to play out though, so I shall leave the overall schematics to you.

*Bows and backs out to resume his life of dungeon spamming.*
Feathermoon stronghold is where the Ali are going to start.
Is the thread going to be made tonight? I'm excited to get started.
Yes sir, sorry about the late posts and the such, I have been busy with the 501st Legion and some fundraisers for MAW. These events are running for the next couple days so my posts will be slow, apologies. :3 <3
Don't have the time atm, probably tommorow.

Well, I'll be sure to keep my eye out for the next few days.

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