How do I get rid of the stupid blue crab?

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What the thread title says. How do I get rid of this stupid thing? It's freaking annoying; driving me away from the site.
Totally agree - it makes annoying noises and totally inane comments. Currently - "Tiario started this thread. They raise some great points, don't you agree?" The irony is astonishing.
And April Fool's is over with at this point so the joke is a little too long at this point.
Thanks to the info from another thread on this page, you can try switching to an alt on a server with an apostrophe in the name, as this breaks Crabby's script. I don't see him at all!

Ridiculous situations need ridiculous solutions.
any suggestions as to which server.. /sigh I can't remember if I have alts on any of those... I can go make one tho!!!
omg this stupid blue thing is driving me crazy, you can't even read the forums with this annoying yellow bubble covering the screen. And the only advise this stupid crab doesn't have is how to get rid of it! take this thing away!!
Its only for 1 day a year.
Not sure how to get around it on a phone, but for PC users try setting your screen rez to the max size your monitor supports.
When I did this, the crab don't cover anything.
Just add ?crabby=false to the end of the current page URL in your address bar. Poof! Gone!

Or, if you actually like Crabby, you can bring him back using ?crabby=true on any page! =)

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