Sexy Cute Bear/Resto LF Raid (FOUND GUILD)

ilvl 396 Rdruid / 398 Bear 6/8 H LF Guild (10M/25M)

My Role:
I am most comfortable tanking or healing, however I can fit into emergency kitty dps.
(provided there is ample warning ahead of time so I can reforge/gem and practice a bit to get back into the swing of things. I hate people springing sh!t on me.)

I have no MS, so I can fit into either role.

(I can drop Feasts + Cauldrons if provided mats)

I have no real preference about times, but I would definitely prefer daytime or early evening times (as opposed to extremely late night guilds).
The shorter your raid week, the better. I have a lot of 85s to mess with and raid on.

I have near 100% perfect attendance.
I don't show up late.
If I will not be able to make a raid, I give ample warning so a replacement is easily found.

About Me:
I'm generally pretty nice.
I don't like being involved in drama. (although I am guilty of giggling at the drama of others, tee hee!)
I'm intelligent, and would like for my potential guild-mates to be the same.
My sense of humor can be quite coarse/vulgar, and I make no apologies for it.
I get along best with those that have a sense of humor.
Sensitive people are likely to be offended when I get going with my jokes :'(

My Reasons for Leaving Previous Guild:
Quit raiding for a bit, have been making preparations for MoP in my off-time.

Now About You!

Wanted Role(s):
You're looking for a tank and/or healer.

Your Times:
Hopefully not late night.

Your Guild:
You are at least 6/8 H. 25M preferable, but 10M is okay.
Full of responsible raiders that will show up on time and are drama-free.
Right? >:I
Hopefully a tight-knit guild community. A lot of strife amongst ranks makes guilds look bad :(

Although I don't really consider this to be an issue, for some people it is.

I am a female. If you have women in your guild that don't play well with others and/or are very territorial, you are not the guild for me.
I do not start drama, nor do I want to deal with it.
I, personally, get along with other females; no hostility to be expected from
me toward lady raiders.

If you do not like raiding with a female, or do not feel comfortable around
women, you are not the guild for me.

My "girl-ness" will not be an issue, although I may need mandatory breaks for
cooking, cleaning, and squirting out babies ;)

Please leave any additional information, including contact information, I might need to know concerning your guild.
Feel free to ask any questions you have as well by sending me an in-game mail or whisper.

I will not RealID.
I ask you respect my need for privacy, as I will for yours.


(aka crap I forgot to put in)

I prefer Mumble (I have ventrilo as well, but vent is for sissies! Are you a sissy?)
still looking <3
big booty witches HMU ;)
I'd say update your bumpspeed to like 10 bumps/hour
I'm too busy being buff and sh!t flexing my muscles to all the e-b!tches in org
Helping the shameless self bumper.
ugh, I love it when you bump me like that
Do you want me to bump you harder?
It gets terribly lonely when I do it by myself ;)
Babycakes, if you'll let me I'll bump you all night long.
You are officially the sexiest shaman I know.

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