SELLING: Pureblood Firehawk Mount

Shattered Hand
Hello Shattered Hand,

I'm looking to sell, as the title says, the Pureblood Firehawk mount from Heroic Ragnaros. The price is a non-negotiable 150k gold.

My group has had great success selling these in the past. You are welcome to any and all loot that drops, as well as the Firelord title at no addition cost.

If you're interested in purchasing this mount, please send Javvo an in-game mail or whisper. If you send an in-game mail, please provide your availability and preferred times to do the run.

Thanks and have a nice day. :)
Can't really afford the price tag, but if your ever looking for an additional staff member, let me know.
Thanks I'll keep you in mind. :)
Someone sent me an in-game mail regarding the sell, and I accidentally deleted it. Please re-send it. Thanks. :)
are you guys still selling and do you take paypal? real id me if you are

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