<Indestructible> 25man US #70 LF DPS/Heals

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I don't even know who that guy is Bamf. Though I just assume he's some social in Intent who likes to pretend he's a real guild member.
Hes been on KT longer than any of us so he obviously has a right to post whatever he wants.

you dont want to mess with that guy
Not longer than me
LF resto druid
thug life
Disc/Shadow transfering to the server. 5 of 8 heroic on my fury warrior and worked on progression with my guild all threw DS and FL. The guild I'm in is transfering and now I'm looking for a new home.

grammar, please.
im really cute again
Hey guys my name is Shock G and when I'm not busy getting loot while I'm not even online, I enjoy long walks on the beach and putting bunny costumes on my buddy Psilo before boss pulls.

Jk, love you Shocky <3 Before I edited this post it said, "LF resto druid", buuut I don't wanna get banned for spamming.
I ran out of bunny costume charges </3
Still recruiting really good players!
Need healers
Psilo r fathead.

I heard Shockgz does more dps and gets more girls. That's the word around town anyway.

Top dps always = top dimepieces

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