Gold transferring service!

I'm offering a gold transferring service to all members of Stormreaver Horde or Alliance.

- Save a trip to the Neutral AH

- Save time spamming trade for help

- Save the one hour AH payout time for quicker reaction to those once in a lifetime AH deals.

- I'm asking a 10% fee for this service. That's a 5% savings from the Neutral AH 15% fee.

I'm a wow millionaire (woohoo.) and can guarantee payment on either side. I'm not about to get my account banned over a couple hundred gold.

With that said, for me to help you out you will have to trade to me first with the additional 10% included.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me in game on any of the following toons:
Horde - Cujos, Cujo, Porpchok, Heartdisease, Prono.
Alliance - Corpulent
Or, send me an in game message and I'll set something up with you ASAP.

Thanks and I'll see you in game!
Cujos, have my babies?

Free bumpster for you
Cujos is gonna be that guy 5 years down the line willing to trade wow gold for SWTOR gold or w.e
I think the flavor of the month was Runescape last I saw in tradechat. Do people really play that game? And no... Never SWTOR. D3 on the other hand... I just might.
expand to different realms like Hyjal help me xfer my gold :(.
Now with over 1 satisfied customers!
Do you have a minimum limit? I'd like to transfer 2.5k if that is ok. If so, send a whisper to Kané on Alliance (alt-code 130) if I don't contact you by the time you see this.
is this still available
If Cujos can't do it I can.
cujos can i have 48k for the new vender mount <3
Can you transfer gold from a horde toon to an alliance toon on anther server?

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