Official Cross-Realm RBG Recruitment Thread 2

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*** Lots of players wanting Rated Battlegrounds ^_^. Yes, lots of reading and scanning through, but worthwhile when you find that missing piece for your group!

FYI of the week!- If you are a DPS class, expect to call targets. Never should a healer do the target calling. As a DPS, if you are fighting, you must be able to call a target for focus. Loud and Vocal DPS = A 2.4k+ Player

Please use format below *Spaced for less clutter*

Access to a mic and vent or skype is 100% a must for Rated Battlegrounds.
BEST way to contact you:

Character you are going to play on:




Experience (Arena or RBG):

Current RBG Rating:

Time/Day available:

Other info (optional):


Addons that help RBG gameplay (All addons from

Battleground Targets-
BG Spy -
Other sources to help you find an RBG group:

Original post from [MVP] Eldacar- Boulderfist
Update 2: The chat room had over 90 active users last night, additionally I have added a 50 slot public vent server: Port: 3874

Hey everyone, with the popularity of the new cross-realm battlegrounds it seems like there are a lot of people here on the forums trying to find BG groups or more players to fill their BG groups. To help make this easier for people I have added a LFG chat room and LFG forums to my website Additionally I am making my 50 slot mumble voice chat server available for use by anyone doing battlegrounds.

The LFG chat room can be accessed here:

You don't have to install anything as it is totally web-based, but it is a standard IRC channel so you can use an IRC client if you prefer.

The LFG/LFM forums can be accessed here:

You will have to register to post on them, but you won't need to bump your thread once an hour like you do here.

The mumble server is: port 64768

Anyone can use it for battlegrounds so long as they are not disruptive to other users, it's current capacity is 50 slots but I will increase it if needed. Hopefully this will allow pick up groups easier access to voice chat. If you don't have mumble you can download it here: It is easy to set up and works very similar to vent, but it has MUCH lower latency and as a result is a lot better for PVP.

The website is advertisement free and I pay for the hosting out of pocket, so it may be a bit sluggish if there are tons of people on at once. If gets to be more than the server can handle I will upgrade the hosting.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc let me know.

Character: Theavenger
Realm: skullcrusher
Race: Orc
class/specc: Can play as frost or unholy deathknight
resil: 5059
Experience (arena/rbg): 2200 (rbg), 2k (arena)
current rbg: 1700
time of day available: anytime
BEST way to contact you: (my real ID and main e-mail)

Character you are going to play on: Unclemeat

Race: Tauren

Class/spec: Shaman/Resto, Elemental Offspec

Resil: 5k+ although I run with DMC Tsunami most of the time which keeps me at about 4500

Experience (Arena or RBG): Mostly just 2s with a destro lock friend for points, usually hover around 1500 rating, I didn't start doing RBGs until recently and have not done very many

Current RBG Rating: 951

Time/Day available: just about every evening after 8pm CST
BEST way to contact you: RealID
Character you are going to play on: Viralo
Race: Human
Class/spec: Disc Priest
Resil: 5k
Experience (Arena or RBG): 2300/2100
Current RBG Rating:Havent had a team because my server blows so like zero this season
Time/Day available: All the time
BEST way to contact you:

Character you are going to play on: Raisttlan

Race: Undead

Class/spec: Mage fire/ice

Resil: 4808

Experience (Arena or RBG): 1800cr last season 1400cr this season

Time/Day available: Anytime

Other info (optional): Love to pvp and have been since Vanilla on this toon.
BEST way to contact you: RealId:

Character you are going to play on: Druidofchaos

Race: Nightelf

Class/spec: Druid/Feral

Resil: 4700 with kiril or 5k without

Experience (Arena or RBG): 1300 RBG and 2k for Arena

Time/Day available: Anytime

Other info (optional): I know how to communicate which is key to winning an RBG and I call out my CCs, I know my class very well.
BEST way to contact you: RealID

Character you are going to play on: Guillermo

Race: Human

Class/spec: Warrior -- Prot FC or Arms DPS

Resil: 4700+

Experience (Arena or RBG): 2k RBG FC experience, 2k arena

Current RBG Rating: 1780ish

Time/Day available: Night time - everyday

Other info (optional): I've been 2k rated in rbg as FC, just came back to wow after a 2 month break, finishing up my Cata gear.
BEST way to contact you:

Character you are going to play on: < Brock
Race: gnome

Class/spec: Disc>Shadow>HOLY

Resil: 4820

Experience (Arena or RBG): Not a ton, but I'm skilled and not a moron.

Time/Day available: Anytime

Other info (optional): I'm easy to get along with, positive player. Looking to win!
BEST way to contact you: In-game on this character, leave me a mail.

Character you are going to play on: Dopeshady

Race: Human.

Class/spec: Warlock - Affliction

Resil: 4450 - ( I'm wearing cunning of the cruel )

Experience (Arena or RBG): 2.5k+ in every arena bracket. 2.1k+ in RBGs.

Current RBG Rating: 500? I've only done a few.

Time/Day available: Anytime.

Other info (optional): Massive experience with amazing players. Great skill, and the ability to work well with teammates.
BEST way to contact

Character you are going to play on: Magnifice

Race:HumanClass/spec: Death Knight, Frost

Resil: 4206 with Regular gurth and bone-link fetish, 4635 without BLF

Experience (Arena or RBG): 2k exp in 3s and 2s, 1800+ exp in rbgs

Current RBG Rating: 1609

Time/Day available: Mostly anytime except when i'm raiding which is tues/thu/sun 7-11 EST

Other info (optional): Will target call (obviously)
BEST way to contact you: RealID

Character you are going to play on: Gambini

Race: Human

Class/spec: Holy Paladin

Resil: ~4900

Experience (Arena or RBG): 2.2k achieve 2's & 3's. 1900 RBG Exp

Current RBG Rating: ~1850

Time/Day available: Eastern Standard Time, 7pm - 1am

Other info (optional): I have a rogue and hunter sitting in ruthless that I'm going to start gearing up. Zero CR at the moment but willing to play one of them if requested.
**Alliance FC 2.3k CR 2.4k+ EXP Prot/Arms War LF group that will push 2400+ this season!**

Best way to contact you: E-mail to would be the fastest (this is NOT my RealID, but that can be exchanged later), otherwise add itz.murda on Skype, or find me in-game on Itzmurda @ Mannoroth for mail or /tells.

Character you are going to play on: This one. Itzmurda on the Mannoroth realm.

Race: Dwarf. Stoooneform.

Class/spec: Prot Warrior, though I'm plenty comfortable/geared to play Arms if desired.

Resil: 5561 in full FC setup (I'm often logged out in misc gear with a PvE spec, but I have a full set of BiS FC gear and will obviously respec to a PvP build when we play).

Experience (Arena or RBG): 2350~ previous RBG experience. 2450~ previous arena experience in 3s and upwards of 2250~ in all brackets.

Current RBG Rating: 2284.

Time/Day available: Mon-Thurs before 8pm EST and Fri-Sun before Midnight EST (there is some flexibility in the evenings, especially on Monday and Thursday, depending on raids).

Other info: Even though my PvP experience (in terms of rating) isn't as high as it could be due to always primarily being a hardcore raider, I'm extremely comfortable with my class and spec (it's been my main for 7+ years), and guarantee that I would be a great addition to any high MMR RBG team. In PvE, I've always been a GM, Officer, or Raid Leader, and know exactly what it takes to have a team of 10, 25, or 40 people work together as best as they can, and I believe I'd be an asset to any group looking to push (or already above) 2.4k CR this season. For a more indepth look, you can view the post I made LF a team here:
BEST way to contact you: = Real ID, or can send an in Game Mail. Either works.

Character you are going to play on: Danine

Race: Blood Elf

Class/spec: Mainly PVP as Ret, but can do Prot as well

Resil: 4540ish as Ret, 4300ish as Prot

Experience (Arena or RBG): Not much since I have unable to find reliable groups to play with.

Current RBG Rating: Low only in the 500's

Time/Day available: Afternoons work best for me. 2-7 server time is ideal, but I can make adjustments.

Other info (optional): Have Skype, Vent, Mumble with a working Mic. Willing to adjust play styles as needed if the group needs me too.
BEST way to contact you: RealID -

Character you are going to play on: Hextooth

Race: Orc

Class/spec: Shaman/resto

Resil: 4700

Experience (Arena or RBG): 1800 arena on my hunter (casual 2's), only pugged RBGs at the beginning of Cata. Nearing the 100k HK mark combined on all toons.

Current RBG Rating: N/A, just getting back into pvp

Time/Day available: Flexible work schedule, available most evenings, sometimes in the morning/afternoon.

Other info (optional): Dedicated and follow directions very well. I want wins, not HKs and I'm willing to do what it takes to get there.
BEST way to contact you:

Character you are going to play on: My warlock

Race: Worgen

Class/spec: Affliction warlock

Resil: 4304

Experience (Arena or RBG): I've played a total of 15 arenas and 5 rated bgs in my 6 years of playing this game

Current RBG Rating: 0

Time/Day available: Any time

Other info (optional): I know I don't have the experience but I promise not to disappoint.
BEST way to contact you: Real ID: or skype: alleynavarro

Character you are going to play on: Electrix

Race: Human

Class/spec: Shadow Priest (only shadow)

Resil: 4600

Experience (Arena or RBG): I have experience in 2k arena (3s) and 1800 for Rbgs.

Current RBG Rating: 1593

Other info (optional): have skype/mic available, love pvping and working as a team.

Time/Day available: anytime after 10PM PST.
BEST way to contact you: skype - the1337bofh

Character you are going to play on: Dulb or Dûlb

Race: horde

Class/spec: dk or disc priest

Resil: around 4600 on both

Experience (Arena or RBG): 1200 arena. none on rbg

Current RBG Rating: 0

Time/Day available: after 8pm est

Other info (optional): listens well. quick to learn. not looking for anything too serious. want some achs and the rbg 50 win mount. want to learn more bg strat and general pvp strat. experienced enough to know general strat for all bgs. just looking to be more advanced than pug bgs.
Legendary + Heroic cunning
2042 CR
LF 2k+

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