Official Cross-Realm RBG Recruitment Thread 2

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BEST way to contact you:

Character you are going to play on: Christien (this one posting)

Race: Human

Class/spec: MS: Prot; OS: Arms

Resil: 5,004

Experience (Arena or RBG): RBGs: 1,850 on rdruid until I realized how unwanted they were

Current RBG Rating: 1,754

Time/Day available: Pretty much any night after 10pm EST

Other info (optional):
BEST way to contact you:

Character you are going to play on: Amagran

Race: Troll

Class/spec: Balance Druid

Resil: 3400/3900 depending on how much pve i put on.

Experience (Arena or RBG): 2200+

Current RBG Rating: 2283

Time/Day available: Not available Tuesdays and some Mondays depending on if we sell a firehawk or not.

Other info (optional): Heroic cunning, Heroic will of the unbinding, Legendary staff.
BEST way to contact you:

Character you are going to play on: Cinderelaman

Race: Horde

Class/spec:Resil: Holy Paladin

Experience (Arena or RBG): I have experience in 2s, 3s, 5s, and RBGS my frost DK is 1700 i have experience

Current RBG Rating: 1407

Time/Day available: next week it will be after 6 pm M-F weekends anytime

Other info (optional): I've been a healer on this toon since day 1 im very good at observing the field of battle i know what needs to be done all ive done on this toon is pvp i have macros and the right addons im looking for a chance to get in to a RBG to show ya what i can do thanks.
BEST way to contact you:

Character you are going to play on: Dawning or Darmah (Alt, feral druid)

Race: Blood elf



Experience (Arena or RBG):I have been to 1954 in 2v2. 1853 in 3v3. Last season I was 1800 in RBG's.

Current RBG Rating:957, I have barely done any RBG's this season

Time/Day available:Sunday afternoons, Monday afternoons, Thursday afternoons, Saturday afternoons

Other info (optional):I am hoping to find a group to get to a 1900+ raiding. I can bring both my holy paladin and feral druid to the table, who are both geared for current pvp content.
BEST way to contact you: in-game is fine, is RealID

Deadshane, Disc Priest
Mostly fully conq geared, missing 4 pieces I think, 4850ish resil w/ dbl resil trink.

Experience (Arena or RBG): Have played disc priest 7 years. Just below 2600 last season, no games played this season due to terrible server, Glad in 3s and 5s S1.

Time/Day available: Pretty much anytime except for 5-9 Tuesday and Thursday.

Other: I'm vocal and very experienced with rated bgs. 150 rateds last season with a 68% winrate. I'd like to play with pvpers with similar experience and skill.
EST way to contact you:

Character you are going to play on:Ondareño

Race: Alliance

Class/spec:Resil: Affliction Lock
Experience (Arena or RBG): I have experience in 2s, 3s, 1700 lvl

Current RBG Rating: Not ran any yet

Time/Day available: Im in Europe so i play 8.30 am - 5pm EST

Other info (optional): Im a good pvp warlock with full cata gear and epic gems. I have the cunning LFR trinket. Unfortuantly the times I play I cant get group for good ratings on my server. call me :D
real ID:
Character: Bhaba(ret/pally) - Nagrand Runecba(unholy/dk) - Nagrand
Race: Bhaba human, Runecba worgen
Class/spec: Paladin - retribution, DK - unholy
Resil: Paladin/Dk (both around 4.2k)
Experience: i've hit 1600 in 2s before and 1500 in 3s
Current RBG rating: never in a rbg team, always PuG-ed
Time/Day: Everyday anytime.
Other info: i have Sype(yurvin.raj) and vent, been dreaming to get the cool looking 2200 gears but in the current server im in its reaaallly or it may seem to be impossible! Hope that this thread can get me the opportunity, been playing those 2 toons for quite awhile now, highly confident when playing my paladin i can call out targets and listen for call outs. Fast paced and can play a very good support.
BEST way to contact you:
Character you are going to play on: Xanthilia (Cho'gall realm)
Race: Blood Elf
Class/spec: Fire mage
Resil: 4978
Experience (Arena or RBG): highest in arena is 1970 - RBGs 1500s
Current RBG Rating: 1481
Time/Day available: Usually 7 central until group calls it
Other info (optional): Have skype or vent depending on whats needed, and would love to push for a much higher rating
BEST way to contact you:

Character you are going to play on: Zcer

Race: Tauren

Class/spec: Druid/Restoration

Resil: 4605

Experience (Arena or RBG): 1.9k+ from s9. (1550+ on this toon)

Current RBG Rating: 0

Time/Day available: Anytime before 3pm PST. I will never be available on fridays. I always know my work schedule 1-2 weeks ahead of time but I may not always work the same hours.

Other info (optional): I am willing to do late night RBGs. If I am not closing my store, then I will usually get off work between 6-8pm PST. I have skype and vent. I have a working mic. I know how to listen and follow directions. I'd love to push 1.9k+
BEST way to contact you: RealID
Character you are going to play on: Elrethiel (this)
Race: Draenei
Class/spec: Shadow
Resil: 4464
Experience (Arena or RBG): very limited
Current RBG Rating: none
Time/Day available: highly variable but flexible - contact via RealID if you have a specific time to offer - weekends probably best
Other info (optional): I'm basically looking for a semi-interesting title. I don't suck.

Char - Either this one or mage Alyxis this one is much better geared including legendaries

Race - Blood Elf

Class/Spec - Rogue/Sub

Experience - 2kish in rbgs on a pretty bad server for pvp was 2100 in bc on original warrior

Current rating - 1700ish

Times available - Monday 2:00 - 10:00 p.m

Tuesday - 3:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Wed - 2:00 - 10:00 p.m.

Thurs - 4:00 - 10:00 p.m.

Friday - 4:00 - 10:00 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday - All day

other info - We have barely done any rbgs this season due to people flaking out and when we do our comps tend to suck really looking for a serious group that has room for a legendary rogue and runs a decent comp.
Contact :

Character : Moganiah

Race: Draenei

Class/spec: Hunter Marksman

Resil: 4811 with cata pike 4487 with Kiril (normal)

Experience : 1950-1980 RBG

Current RBG Rating: 1875

Time/Day available : Cant play Tues/wed/Thur other Weekdays @ 3:30pm-10pm EST Friday & Saturday 3:30pm-4am EST Sunday 9am-10pm EST

Other info : I have the Heroic DW bow but i can buy the Cata bow if you want ( i have 6k Conq)
BEST way to contact you: (in game message please)

Character you are going to play on: PJennings - Black Dragonflight

Race: Orc

Class/spec: Prot War (can go arms on node maps if preferred, in which case I have Heroic Bone Link)

Resil: 5032

Experience (RBG): 1700 AR, 2k+ MMR

Current RBG Rating: 384 (only played a couple games this season)

Time/Day available: Weekdays at 8:30 PST or later, weekends during the afternoon
BEST way to contact you: (real ID)

Character you are going to play on: Hatrack

Race: Troll

Class/spec: Rogue Sub

Resil: 4500ish, current gear

Experience (Arena or RBG): 2200+ on rogue and lock, 2K + on druid in arenas, havent really played RBGs

Current RBG Rating: 0?

Time/Day available: evening most days

Other info (optional): willing to transfer or faction change for the right group
BEST way to contact you: realID
Character you are going to play on: Locko@**es / Silver Hand
Race: Human
Class/spec: Aff Lock
Resil: 3700
Experience (Arena or RBG): 1700 arena exp. on arms warrior
Current RBG Rating:0
Time/Day available: Wed/ Fri after 6pm EST
Other info (optional): Comfortable calling targets, laid back, have 397 Cunning of the Cruel
Best Way to Contact Me: Make a toon on my server and mail me.
Character you are looking to play on: Jfire / Proudmoore
Race: Night Elf
Class/Spec: Hunter, Marks (Primary), can play SV.
Resil: 5K (full Cata)
Experience: 1650+ past 2 seasons in RBGs (over 300 games played). 1500+ in Arenas
Current RBG Rating: Between 1580-1620
Time/Day Available: All week, generally around midnight PST
Other info: Have Kiril and LFR DS trinkets. Can call targets.
BEST way to contact you: (RealID)
Character you are going to play on: Surbleys
Class/spec: Frost DK
Resil:4800 +/- Can use pve weapon/trinkets
Experience (Arena or RBG): 1800rbg
Current RBG Rating: 1800
Time/Day available: Wen,Thur,Fri, Sat as needed
Other info (optional): Looking to find games for myself and a 2K+ fc prot warrior friend.

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