25 Man alt Dragon Soul Fridays LFM

**UPDATE** Times have been changed. Instead of Fridays from 5:00pm - 8:00pm we are now moving it to WEDNESDAY 6:00pm -- 9:00pm Server time. Apologies for the late update.Starting a alt 25 man with some Shining Force guildies/friends and would love to have some fresh faces. I will strive for 8/8 normal for the first few weeks and gradually maybe move to some heroic modes. Runs will take place on WEDNESDAY, from 7:00pm EST -- 10:00pm EST (6pm - 9pm server). My main is 8/8heroic and I am more than capable of leading.

Thanks!For more info and signup please visit:
I posted up on the spreadsheet. The date and time is off on the supplied sheet btw.
Yeah, just changed it and forgot to update here. Guild decided as a whole to do Wednesday.

Sorry about that!
Yeah the cool cats do a better alt run on Fridays called GDKP.
03/27/2012 06:33 AMPosted by Destroit
Yeah the cool cats do a better alt run on Fridays called GDKP.

why not cool dogs?
Posted, but looks like you don't need melee :(
I missed things on Wed, thinking the raid was on Friday. I'll be there next week.
are we running again this Wed?
are there calendar invites for these? or how ya know if your in when you signed up on spreadsheet.
If you hit edit on the initial post, you can change the title to say Wednesday good sir.

This is my good deed for the week.

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