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<Original post by Zohali>
-----------------------------------Last updated 8/21/12--------------------------------------------

To anyone who is looking to join a Horde or Alliance PvP guild on KJ, please look here first. Please leave comments if your guild needs to be added and I will update it each day as changes are needed. KJ is a large server and PvP guilds come and go, so if you know that any of the guilds listed have disbanded, please say so and I will contact IGC's for the guild to clarify before removing the info from this post. Also, I ask for everyone on both sides to leave the trolling out of this thread, it would really be appreciated.

Reference link:'jaeden_US

[Name] Huge in Japan
[Focus] Arena, RBGs, PvE
[Reqs] Have a positive attitude!
[IGC] Maen
[Name] MäD WíÐOW
[Focus] Arena, RBGs
[Reqs] Current gear, some RBG experience, recruiting all classes
[Site] N/A
[IGC] Túnëchì, Fente,Sevasevol, Oniam
[Name] Ruinous/Rhuin/Ruin
[Focus] WPvP, competitive RBGs, Arena
[Reqs] Allows all to trial member (improvement expected, bad attitude towards guild members gets you gkicked), RBG members selected at team leader discrepancy
[IGC] Hazda
[Name] Schwarzenegger Will BRB
[Focus] WPvP, Arenas, RBG's, Casual PvP, Casual PvE
[Reqs] Vent and Mic, Full Current Season Gear, 85's with their Alts are welcome.
[IGC] Keylogthis, Katstyle, Bebbit
[Name] Horde Extinction <HEX>
[Focus] Arena, RBGs, occasional wPvP.
[Reqs] 4k resil. Knowledge of your class, positive attitude for all aspects.
[Site] N/A
[IGC] Xlogik, Pevy, Krahyst, Ceilx.
[Name] Tryhards
[Focus] Arena, Wpvp, RBGs
[Reqs] 2k+
[IGC] Quas, Theoddone, Helio, Knonan, Critycalz
[Name] Reign/Reígn.
[Focus] WPVP, RBGs, Arenas, Raid Progression.
[Reqs] Level 85 for Reign. No Reqs for Reígn.
[Site] N/A
[ICG] Neuromercury, Thriius, Wednesdai, Druím, Andarose.
[Name] The Rising
[Focus] Arena, RBGs (Have a core PvE group as well)
[Reqs] Accepting all skill levels
[IGC] Tugandrub, Llethe, Tukaykrit, Rubandtug

[Name] Executives
[Focus] Arena, RBG's, PvE
[Reqs] 2500+ resilience, vent/working mic, nameplates addon, knowledge of all classes, extensive PvP experience
[IGC] Mellybear
[Name] Gank My Alt Meet My Main
[Focus] Random BGs, some Arena
[Reqs] Casual PvP
[Site] N/A
[IGC] Wickedpally (GM), any online member
[Name] Mal Intent
[Focus] RBG's (wed 5pm, weekends vary), WPvP, Arena, minor PvE
[Reqs] No Projects, Must have appropriate gear level, experience, and thoroughly understand class. Need Prot Warrior, Boomkin, Disc Priest, Sub Rogue, mages/locks may apply. All exceptional applicants are welcome
[IGC] Makkir, Turc, Deivas
[Name] Requiem
[Focus] RBG's, Arenas, Premades, WPvP
[Reqs] Full current season CP gear with full enchants/gems, 1750 arena rating.
[Site] N/A
[IGC] Darkdk, Thedivine, Archanon, Papaxsmash
[Name] Sidus Noctis
[Focus] Random BG's, RBGs
[Reqs] 2k resil for RBG's
[IGC] Öpensorce, Twinkletòes, Cursion
[Name] Eversong
[Focus] WPvP, Arena, BG's, Social.
[Reqs] Good attitude, committed.
[Site] N/A as of now.
[IGC] Sapfap, (or anyone else you see in the guild can redirect you to myself or even throw out an invite).
[Name] Crimson Aegis
[Focus] World PvP
[Reqs] none
[IGC] Ràveñ, Rezsik, Darkshadow
[Name] Konys Kids
[Focus] WPvP, Arena, BGs
[Reqs] Enjoy PvP and be halfway friendly
[IGC] Healulmao, Poonkitty, Tazers, Fearulol, Starjager
[Name] The Blades
[Focus] RBGS, Arena,Wpvp
[Reqs] Good attitude- activity
[Site] N/A
[IGC] Westwar (or any toons with West in the front), Darklove, Ruffes, Peekz
[Name] Vox
[Focus] World PVP, RBGs (for now)
[Req] Full ruthless and gem/ench/reforge (for now)
[IGC] Lydian, Dnasis, Silethia
You can take down AB All Day (they are now Req). Also, add Papaxsmash to IGC and add 1750 required rating to join Requiem.
1750 current or are you willing to take 2400+ past players. :DIf I come back I want to have something to do until the xpac dammit lol.
03/28/2012 03:02 PMPosted by Moojerk
1750 current or are you willing to take 2400+ past players. :DIf I come back I want to have something to do until the xpac dammit lol.

Sorry, we wouldn't want to deprive Ruinous of their one 2400+ rated player.
You're such a troll, Bebbit.

This thread is a waste.
That was verbal pwnage. There's a difference!

I replaced the "o" with a "p." is our website. Thanks to Kat and Rawr.

And I have a question. What does IGC mean?
My druid is now horde again, though it must take some time to update on forums. /shrug
Welcome back Moo.
I believe Moojerk is friends with Crimsoncutlass. That's about all I know. Oh! And he will be hosting a party in Montana. Moojerk and Majeye might be the only people attending. I could be wrong though.
Who is crimsoncutlass? ty questina.

I submitted an "in-game" app for requiem. Heh that's a new feature since I was last here.

on topic, i requested this thread sticky FWIW

also lol @ my "elite" shoulders/weapon/gear? heh that's new too... lolS9

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