Kil'Jaeden Horde/Alliance PvP Guilds & FAQ

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Haha. Oh my bad. I'm retarded.
I am going to sticky this thread!

[Name] Street Smart
[Focus] Raiding content
[Reqs] Have fun, Know your class, and want to raid!
[IGC] Dropthesun
so bebbit are you a cow or a nightelf
Transferring here. Looking forward to finding a casual pvp guild and finishing gearing with them. Thanks for the list : ) this a good server for pvp?j/k but it seems like some one should appreciate this thread; since nubs always create a new thread to ask the same asinine questions about pvp on this server. Bastards!

Also Goblin, you win the award for being the first one to post here asking about xfering. :D
There is a recent horde guild that is starting to be active again.. <First Blood> It has a 2k req in either RBGs or Arena. None of the members seem to be of the forum type, so not sure if they're even aware of this thread, haha.

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