Kil'Jaeden Horde/Alliance PvP Guilds & FAQ

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[Name] Pro
[Focus] Arena, RBGs
[Reqs] 2000+ Rating in Arena or RBG's
[IGC] Cenaru, Quas, Theoddone
This is probably the best thread no one reads.
Eh, at least we can say it's there...I dunno.

I think if it's "bumped" consistently people might look at it. Looking to a sticky that hasn't had a post in 3 months is't "internet up-to-date" as most people would like.

I'll do my best to keep the last post kinda close to the present date. :)
[Name] Ghost Warriors
[Focus] WPVP, RBGs, Arena, Having fun pvping
[Reqs] Want to kill Alliance
[ICG] Dorkmus, Scarié for questions, anyone can invite.
Need Lock Down removed.. we've been disbanded for a while now.
[Name] The Rising
[Focus] Arena, RBGs (Have a core PvE group as well)
[Reqs] Accepting all skill levels
[IGC] Tugandrub, Llethe, Tukaykrit, Rubandtug

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