Does anyone wanna do Recruit-A-Friend?

If you're interested, we both would get 300% the XP so you'll level up 3 times faster!

Plus, I'll get a two person mount I could tour your around on.

Also, you get these tokens that let you level up my characters every 2 levels.

Best way to start up wow is with a friend!

Also I'll get you into my level 8 guild which has amazing perks, including even FASTER XP gain!

Hit me up with your email and I'll send you a request!
I would love to if you're still wanting a partner!! :D

I'll send you a msg ingame with my email.
i wanna do it to be level 85:)
Does anyone want to do recruit a friend ?
Would anyone like a recruit a friend??
you can join our guild currently lvling for MoP, and will give you any help you need on any of my 85's
Ill do a recuit a friend if anyone wants to
Im looking to recruit a friend and SOR someone anyone interested ?
im looking to recruit a friend and sor someone anyone interested out there ?
i too am lf a recruit a friend partner, i have 5 85s, and KNOW MAH SHYT. also, ill pay for all the stuff you need. ill recruit you. buy up to any xpac you want and i guarantee atleast 3 characters of that expansions level cap :)
I will also recruit anyone want to have the 3x xp to get a quick 85, can be on at anytime hit me up with an email and i will recruit you!
ill do it with u if u havent already. buy me a new account up to mop and off we go. i have a decent amount of playing time so we can lvl fast. email is
I'm looking to RECRUIT someone. I will pay for in-game expenses ( Flying mount learning ) AND will give you 15,000 gold for letting me recruit you. I am not looking to recruit to get the mount, I am looking to recruit so I can have someone GRANT my monk levels come MoP release. PST in-game or post here if interested, thanks :)
you wont be able to grant levels to monks for some time. due to achievments and crud..
Boooo, am i rite?
you wont be able to grant levels to monks for some time. due to achievments and crud..
Boooo, am i rite?

Do you have the link to the Blizzard article explaining this "fact"?
Few guild members are doing RaF due to the fact they confirmed it with a gm saying it can work.
can i recruit anyone please!!!
Ill Recruit a friend if someone is interested or i can send you a scroll of resurrection hit me up
Same here! Can recruit and be on at all times!! I have lvl 80's to lvl anyone as fast as possible!! Hit me up!
Yo Yoduh ill do RaF with you if u are paying for the expansions lols ill do it for gold of course :D
i would do recuite of freinds with you

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