Does anyone wanna do Recruit-A-Friend?

Hey want to do one with me. I will buy your flying mounts and every thing!
Does anyone want to do recruit a friend on any realm..... I can recruit u I will make it where I can grant your toons levels not mine. we can get many level 80+together only thing is that you are going to have to rebuy all of the expansion packs :( but starter edition will be ok at first :)
I realize it's been a little while since anyone has posted on this thread, but I was still hoping there'd be someone who might be looking to be recruited to WoW. If so, please feel free to email me at:

If anyone does respond to this, please know I'm willing to help you out in game however I can. I'm a really patient person and am happy to teach you about the game if you've never played before. :)

Happy gaming.
looking for someone to do recurit a friend
yo Add my Btag ingame and we can talk about the Recruit friend My btag is Ramorill#1158
Hey, guys looking to recruit anyone interested in playing WoW, we both get triple xp, u can join the level 25 guild im in giving great perks, and i play quite a bit so i can match ur schedule. I am on the server illidan, just me a mail at either or in game mail to Chillor. I can help pay for your riding costs and will be glad to help you.
if any1 is interested to get recruited i have a duo mount and i can lend money and guide you all the way through and make it a very fun experience ill get u to 90 super fast email me at if interested
If anyone wants to do recruit a friend, email me at
08/10/2012 01:57 AMPosted by Turtes
Ill do a recuit a friend if anyone wants to
I'll recruit you :D Email?
still need somebody to recruit? ill email you

01/20/2014 11:08 AMPosted by Serenitie
08/10/2012 01:57 AMPosted by Turtes
Ill do a recuit a friend if anyone wants to
I'll recruit you :D Email?
I need a recruit a friend partner to level , i do have a subscription to wow, and i play alot . xD
i'm looking for someone to recruit! I play a lot and can get you into my level 25 guild with all the perks and unlocks! I'll help you with gold and teach you to play if you dont know how.

battletag is bliss#1477
email is

or just respond to me on here!
I am available to do Recruit a Friend with as well.

I check my email almost hourly, I hope that I can get you to level 85 as quick as you would like. I just leveled a personal toon not on RAF to 80 in 3 days playing time. Faster, if we have the options to bump levels. Personal guild banks plus a few other guild options.
I wanna RaF but I am a 14 yr old kid with no money so you will have to pay for it my emails is
Realm: Moonguard <- roleplaying server
Faction: Alliance
Main character: Thillinton

Im looking to recruit someone to become my Raf. here are some things required to be my raf.

you need to be 18yr+ and play regularly

What I can provide:
-2 months of game time payed by me.
- friendly attitude
-help in the game
-lvl 25 guild

what you need to provide:
-friendly attitude
-play alot and love to level! and love to make alts :)

My skype name is ncnmike and my btag is jltk24#1487

Contact me and lets make this happen!
@Thillinton Lets do it i added you to skype and bt :D
can you recruit me my email is
Anyone want to do RaF with me if so just add my real id its :Chan#1470
on what ever sever u want but pleace be horde.
Getting ready to start a second account here in the next couple of days to a week if anyone would be interested in obtaining the recruit a friend perks, I'd totally be open to it. Email me at open to any faction. I prefer horde, but I wouldn't be opposed to learning the other side either. Let me know.
does anyone want to be recruited at all 300% xp gain great perks level 25 guild . upon reaching 90 i will give you 1k gold and i pay for all flying up to cold weather flying. can also offer more I am looking to recruit someone for alliance on the server stormreaver for some pvp and raiding action. please email me or resond here.

email is:

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