<Natural Inclination> Recruiting for PvP!


<Natural Inclination> Level 20, Horde.

We are a small 10man guild with a weekly Saturday DS Run that farms 8/8.

We're opening up for more guild adventures and next on the list is RBGs!

Recruitment is only open for:
- skilled players who know how to react properly without drama, fussing, or poor loser attitudes.
- players with 1900+ ratings or experience in RBGs / Arenas.
- champions.
Req - Headphones (working mic). The ability to call out incs and or focus targets. The ability to speak when needed. The ability to LISTEN when needed. You must be versatile and willing to push yourself or the group cannot move as one unit.

We aren't here to deal with you or your problems, just to play. The environment will be worked to stay open and friendly as possible even though we all know those moments do happen.

If you'd be interested in joining us Sundays @ 5pm ST then please whisper Tidalterra, Rawrrage, Jaztine (or any other Jaz character) in game!

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