100,000 Annual Pass Invites On Their Way

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This is now a pony thread.

Haven't received my invite, but thank you Blizzard for finally giving us a response of some kind. Well, I did get a Diablo 3 invite last night. Won't be able to play till I get off work, though. Unless I come down sick in the next thirteen minutes.... hm.
*sigh* I guess I haven't been playing long enough. Only since 2006 I think.

Does anyone know if all the flagging is finished? Probably so. I guess there's no hope of getting an invite while I'm still on vacation now. XD
I really hope I get in!
When are the invites ending? It is really sad, I signed up the first day and still have not got an invite. DS is getting boring and I was looking forward to this to tide me over until MoP comes out. It's really distressing that they have not been able to get more people into beta!
Nawh Still no invite for me :D

I don't mind waiting... I just wish I knew how long I had to wait.
awsome i look awsome
7 hours since the post, looks to be a no for this wave.

Thanks for the update Bashiok, we appreciate the communication.
The wave still going on? Excited as hell.....
I'd gotten worried because blizzard has remained silent about the Annual Pass beta wave invites during this entire time, meanwhile deleting threads on the topic in the forums. Thanks for the update!

No invite yet, but since I've been playing continuously since 7/21/05 and purchased the annual pass on 10/25/2012, I expect one soon!

93 months of continuous subscription to WoW, AP purchased 10/25/2012, yet no beta invite...

Waiting for my beta invite is starting to feel like my wait for the Time-Lost Proto Drake! Is it all about luck?
I still have hope that I will get my invite today!
coolness x
nothing for me yet :(
i feel bad for you son they got 100,000 beta passes but mine aint one
appreciate the communication =]
81 months of game time and no invite yet :(
"...as quick as humanly possible..."
Let's go as quick as trollingly possible.
Alliance shall NOT prevail.
As for technology... well, I'll admit alliance has the upper hand. The horde is strong but we're dumb.
I will be miffed if I have to wait till June to enter Beta.

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