The Watch - Reloaded (Closed IC)

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"Prisoner, you're free to go." A female voice broke through the darkness followed by a jingle of keys, the click of a lock, and a cell door swinging open.

"It's late, you don't appear to be a prison official either." Draelin folded his arms over his chest as he fixed his gaze on the figure standing in the cell doorway. His eyes had adjusted quiet well to the darkness of his cell but he still couldn't make out much of the woman. "I suppose this is something that -didn't- happen, in fact, I'd go as far as to say that..I was never -really- here at all, was I?" He smirked and pushed himself off the hard mattress that was supposed to serve as a bed. He had a long time to think things over, a week of virtually sitting in the darkness twiddling his thumbs. It was strange to have never heard any other prisoners, to never have actually seen a guard coming to deliver his meal or anything of the sort.

"The circumstances of your confinement and freedom are of no importance. Come, you have clothes and instructions waiting." She gestured towards a small table sitting off to the side.

Draelin rolled his eyes and stepped out of the cage heading towards the indicated table. On top of a pile of clothes was a letter, no doubt from Shaw. He lifted it, holding it towards a torch mounted on the wall so that he could read it.

"Mr. Graves,

As according to what we have discussed, your confinement is now over. As of this moment, you are removed from the roster of SI:7, your status among our organization will be returned once you have proven yourself a capable leader. I have taken the liberty of already assimilating a team for you. They do not know that it was I who was behind their recruitment, nor do they need to know. I'd like to keep it that way and I doubt I need to worry about you saying anything, correct? Seeing as how you have zero assets, I also acquired for you a vacant building to conduct your operations from. There is a small stock of supplies already there but the rest will be up to you, that is a part of leadership, providing for your team. For that, I have given you a bit of income to pay for team and to acquire supplies.

Now that all the pleasantries are out of the way, I'll get right down to business. That cultist group you were investigating, they're back. Apparently the destruction of one of their cells isn't much of a warning for them. They've split off into several groups and we've been monitoring their activity in the city. This will be your first task, my men don't have to time to be babysitting, so I'll let you take care of that. Just..don't give me a repeat of what happened last time or else you'll wish it was only a week that you spent in there. Oh..and the woman behind you, she is liaison between us. I give the orders, she brings them to you. I don't need to tell you that her identity needs to remain a secret and that no one should see her but you. Got it? Good."

Draelin snorted and flicked his wrist, tossing the letter up towards the hungry flames of the torch which devoured it in seconds. He glanced back over his shoulder in the direction of the woman who was still standing there, watching him. "Well, Miss Liaison, do you have a name or is that what I'm going to call you?"

"My name is of no importance to you..but since I do not prefer "Miss Liaison", you may call me Kriszti. Everything is set, I will lead you to your new headquarters and then I must be going. Once you complete your task, I'll return and give you further orders. "

"Right.." Draelin shrugged and scooped up the clothing on the table and quickly shed his prison attire and dressed in the other. Perfect, an all black suit, someone knew his taste. "Let's go my burden arleady going to be there or am I supposed to be waiting for them?", he spoke while gesturing for Kriszti to lead the way out.

"Here we are, this building will function as your headquarters. As you can see, it's pretty conveniently located. The harbor is just over there which allows you to monitor who comes in and out, as well as what. Behind the building is the ruins of the Park. No one usually goes there anymore, so that will provide you with some privacy should you want to train them or whatever. You'll also find that it's easier to see what I"m talking about if you direct your eyes there instead of where are looking."

Draelin grinned and shrugged as he lifted his gaze from Kriszti's backside to the building she was referring to. It truly wasn't much too look at, there was structural damage in a lot of places since Deathwing's visit. "Looks good to me..both of them, that is."

".....Right, anyway. Here's a list of the members coming to join you, they should be arriving in a day or so. Now that you have that, my purpose in being is here no longer exists. Good day, Mr. Graves. I look forward to never seeing you again." No sooner had words finished, she was gone.

"Well, I was hoping for a tour..but, I guess I'll just have to see for myself." Draelin shrugged and slipped through the door into the main room. It was a pleasant surprise to find that it was already furnished. There were several desks, a fireplace, even some couches lined up along the wall. Not bad, he thought to himself as he crossed through the room and tossed the folder Kriszti had given him on one of the desks. While he was curious to see what kind of people he was getting, he wanted to inspect the rest of the building first.

The main room was connected to a long hallway that opened up into one large room towards the back of the building. There were several beds fililng the length of the room, a smaller room was off to the side through another door with a few more most likely for the females of the group. The hallway itself held several doors leading to different areas, the kitchen, the armory, and a basic supply cabinet for anything else. Behind the locked door which Draelin casually picked was what looked to be a briefing room of sorts, a long table stretched out with several chairs parked underneath it.

After his tour was finished, Draelin headed back out into the main room to retrieve the folder Kriszti gave him. He wasn't surprised when he opened it to find background checks, addresses, known aliases, friends, hangouts, the whole nine yards. "Guess that's what happens when you let assassins do your hiring.", he muttered as he flipped through the pages looking over each recruit's file. Nothing really caught his attention, some wanna-be assassins, a fruit vendor..who the hell were these people?

He tossed the folder to the side when had his fill and leaned back in the chair, his arms folding over his chest. The only thing left now was to meet these people and get this punishment started. What Shaw hoped he would accomplish by burdening him with a bunch of losers, he couldn't say..but, if it helped him get back into the organization, he'd do it.

That Novice was trouble. Not deliberately, mind you, she just tended to attract it without realizing it. Her attempt to pass her Last year's Trial - the last test a Novice undertook to become a full-fledged Priest often involved going out from the safety of the Cathedral and into the world to spread the Light and help those in need.

That had almost gotten Majustu killed and left her with a deep-seated fear of Orcs.

After she had recovered, she had intended to try again, an idea that almost terrified her superiors - the girl's older sister was hardly what any considered to be sane and was known for acting with her fists, explosives, and that menagerie of beasts she collected when displeased. Instead of letting the girl wander off into near certain death, they instead volunteered her for the newly reformed Watch, which would need a dedicated healer and caretaker anyway.

It was a win-win situation really...

Majustu didn't own a lot of things so packing and moving to what would become her new home didn't take much time or energy; she rode on the back of her gelded pinto - a gift from her sister - from the Cathedral District to further across the vast city. Casting a look over her shoulder in the direction of where she knew the Keep to be, she hoped she'd have the time to continue attending Professor Jones's lectures when he was in the city. And maybe see....him...

A hot blush crept up from beneath the high collar of her Novice's robe as she jerked her eyes back forward. Now was not the time to think about that infatuation of hers. She had a Trial to complete and the Watch would need her full attention. Who knows what sorts of injuries they would accrue in their patrols. And the Watchhouse, it would need cleaning and their meals cooking and clothing mended...

She'd have her hands full. But she would do it make her sister, her friend, and her superiors proud.

Arriving, her head craned back as sh studied the exterior of the Watchhouse; lowering her eyes, she could see where to the side where an indication where the small stable might be. Upon stabling her gelding, she found she was the first to arrive.

Entering the Watchhouse, her belonging stowed in a pack on her back and in the saddlebags laying over her arms, she found her way to outside the door of the Watch Commander's office. Taking a steadying breath, she knocked - a timid, small knock that was much like the young Novice herself...
The afternoon sun was hot on her back as Elly pulled the heavy cart. The latest in technology she had finished as part of her bid for the contract in supplying the new Watch division was piled in the cart. Elly could not afford a horse to pull the cart. She had to sell her brown mare to get the materials to finish off the contract.

She hoped the Watch would pay her the full amount at once so she could get herself a new mount. She had her eye on a black stallion in the stables east of Old Town. He was frisky and beautiful, just the type of animal she loved. Grinning in anticipation she trundled the heavy cart to the building she had marked on her map the day the letter had arrived to seal the deal.

The door to the building was right on the walkway and Elly stopped to see a very young girl enter the building. "She looks awfully young...I hope she is not too much trouble..." she thought to herself.

Dragging the cart to the back of the building she found the double doors to the warehouse and tried the door. Of course it was locked...she looked around and pulled a slim pencil shaped rod from her pocket. It had a small hook on the end of it, and she inserted it into the lock and moved it around until she felt and heard the snick of the tumblers and turned the knob.

Inside was an open space with shelves and boxes. All of it was very dusty and she sneezed as she moved the cart inside. If this was the Watch one had used it for a very long time. Thinking she had best secure it until she was paid, she got out her bag of tools and changed the lock on the door. There were two keys that fit the lock she had installed, one key she put in her pocket. The other she slid into her boot in a special space next to the small dagger she had there.

The door was then locked from the outside and she made her way to the front of the building. Walking into the room she spotted the office and waited while the other girl stood there. "Do you think there is anyone there yet? I heard they have a special person heading the Watch now...lets hope he knows his job...huh?" she smiled at the girl and offered a hand in greeting. "I am Eleanor Vasdrim, you can call me Elly."

A groan of pain was heard as a girl had fallen right out bed and onto the floor, then again, that's what you get for sleeping so close to the edge of the bed anyway. There she lay, Perfection Lionsheart, sprawled on the floor, her hair spilling all around her, she wore white night cloths which included a white tunic and long pants. Slowly, she got up into a sitting position, rubbing the back of her head in pain before taking note of the light streaming through her window.

At first, she thought she was back in Teldrissil in her room at her Shan'do's home....but then she remembered that was a day ago, she was in Stormwind, staying at a old friends place while she worked for a group called 'The Watch'. The smell of bread wafted up to her nose, beautiful smelling and freshly baked bread awaited her down stairs, giving her the strength to stand up and begin dressing. She was staying at a bakery and cheese shop that was located near the out skirts of the Trade District near the Canals which was owned by a family of four.

Elisa Fledger, a friend of her Shan'do, Dareth Shadowstar, who used to come to the shop a lot to buy her bread and cheese and bring back to his home to share it with her and his sister, was the one who allowed her to stay here. She had a husband, Jonnis Fledger, and two children, Alima and Trent; Trent being the oldest of the two, which was 12. Perfection and put on a white blouse with a brow, sleeveless tunic over that, She also then had on some leather shorts and soft leather shoes. Once she was satisfied, she tied up her hair with her black ribbon and walked down stairs.

She found Elisa busy at the counter, organizing bread in different areas for shoppers to come pick and buy what they wanted. She was a friendly woman, only in her thirties, with long honey-comb hair and gentle facial features, a strong motherly figure in Perfections eyes. Perfection smiled and was about to call out to her when Alisa, who was only eight, leaped out of no where and into the girl, causing her to almost stumble and fall on the stairs. "Alisa!" Perfection heard Elisa gasp, she looked down to find the girl was hugging her tightly around her waist "Morning, Perfy!" she said sweetly.

Perfection smiled and picked her up, before kissing her on the fore head "Hey there, sneaky face, how are you today?" she asked, taking a seat in one of the four chairs which was located near the counter. Alisa beamed "Good, I helped poppa make some bread today" the girl said, causing Perfection to chuckle. Trent came out, covered in flower here and there, and waved and tugged on Perfection's arm "Morning, Perfection!" he greeted. The Assassin turned to him and smiled before ruffling his hair "Morning, tough guy, I see you've been busy"

Elisa brought out some bread and cheese and place it before Perfection, who thanked her while Alisa touched and poked one of the bracelets which was burned into her flesh. Elisa looked worried at first, but Perfection didn't mind as the girl traced the elegant patterns and symbols on the bracer, taking in what beauty it had to offer. While Perfection ate, Elisa spoke "So....ready for today?" she asked. Perfection finished the mouthful she was chewing and swallowed before responding "Most defiantly, there shouldn't be any problems...why do you ask?" Elisa frowned "Just...there are so many mean thugs and bad people on the streets at night...I'm just concerned about you, that's all...".

Perfection smiled at the woman and opened her mouth to respond before a booming voice came from the back of the shop "Oooooohhh, you worry to much about that kid, Elisa!". Jonnis walked out, carrying a tray full of fresh bread and placed it on the counter. Being and ex-soldier of the Alliance, he had a muscular build to him, how that helped with his baking and cheese making, Perfection was never sure. The man placed an arm around his wife and grinned "This girl has taken on bandit leaders, Horde, and even the evil Cultists who threatened the world...a few street thugs are nothing compared to that, she'll be fine".

Perfection chuckled "Thanks, Uncle Jonnis" she said respectfully. Jonnis gave her a thumbs up and a beaming grin "Any time, Perfy". After a while later, once Perfection had finished eating, she had put down Alisa and said her good-byes before leaving to start making her way to....the Watch House.

The Watch House....

Perfection yawned as she stepped in front of the famed and well known Watch house. Her eye twitched as she looked at it, the last memory she had of this place was that a crazy gnome lead it...or was that something else?....She wasn't sure. As she entered, she already took note of two other people already here. One was a girl that looked a bit younger than her, she estimated around 15-16 at best, but she wasn't here to guess peoples ages, she came to work. Looking around and finding no one else to talk with, she found a suitable place to sit and plopped herself down before crossing her legs and leaning back in her seat.

She stared the guess what the other people might be like...there is probably gonna be that one smart !@#$ of a person who thought he...or she...was on top of the world and nothing could beat them.. One might be a odd one out of the bunch, but yet has some reason to join the Watch, two people would actually be people she would prefer to hang out with, then what ever else was uncertain from there on.

Sighing, Perfection raised her right hand to look at her bracelet, looking at herself in the reflection that it gave, the words of Dareth ringing in her head...

"The Watch, huh?" Dareth said, sitting over a bunch of paper work that he was doing for the SI:7 which had information on recent targets that had recently been...'taken care of' to speak. Perfection nodded, fixing up her hidden blade which had a small jam in it which prevented it from coming out properly "Yep, a temporary job, just till I get enough cash of course". Dareth flicked a sheet of parchment over to check the back of it before placing it in a pile to his right "Well...keep you're eyes open out there, no telling what might happen.." he turned to look at her, Perfection stopping what she was doing to stare right back at him. Dareth smiled and raised a hand before clenching it into a fist "You're my student after all...don't let me down". Perfection smiled and returned the gesture before focusing on her task once more.

The Assassin sighed and lowered her arm. She had a wait to go....

"Wake up prisoner! Its your lucky day apparently!" The warden of the cell block that Shrike was locked up in cried, kicking the slumbering smuggler in the gut to get him up and moving. "Kick me again and you won't get to watch me hang..." Shrike grunted as he got up off his hard cot and stretched, his fingertips just brushing the ceiling of the cell. Shrike's eyes had become accustomed to the dark and dank interior of the Stockades in the last two years he had been here and so it was easy for him to recognize the appearance of the chubby warden. "Talk back to me and I'll make sure this little adventure of yours is short lived. Now get moving prisoner!" The warden's gruff voice was followed by a billy club being smacked into Shrike's back.

The small man grunted and stumbled forward but kept his footing as he moved along in front of the warden and his two guards who flanked him. "So tell me wardy, what am I doing out of my cell?" Shrike asked not really expecting an answer but one came from a different direction than he was expecting. "You are freed on the condition that you serve with a new crime prevention organization called the Watch. You do well in its services you might just maintain your freedom. You fail or step out of line and the Stockades will be the least of your worries." The voice was creepy and made Shrike's skin crawl but he gulped and was about to retort when he got another shove in the back.

"Keep moving prisoner!" A guard shouted and Shrike was again about to retort when he came into a well lit room and had to shade his eyes as he looked at the table in the middle of the room. On the table was his cloths and his two long knives and he had to smile. As Shrike's eyes adjusted to his surroundings the guards undid the chains around his wrists and ankles and the smuggler took the time to rub his wrists as he moved up to the table to look over his gear. Nodding that their condition was still decent the smuggler started changing, unashamed of his small stature or changing in front of other men. Prison had changed him and now here he was about to get his freedom, his mind was racing but he kept his expression stoic as he got into his old clothes.

Once he was finished changing the guards motioned for him to move down another hallway and suddenly Shrike heard the busy sounds of the city of Stormwind. It was a huge shock for the smuggler who had gotten used to the silence of the Stockades. "Open the gate!" Cried the warden and the low banging and clanging of the gate could be heard as it was shifted upwards to let the smuggler out. "Don't do anything stupid prisoner, or I'll get to watch you hang!" The warden said with a laugh that was joined by the guards as Shrike was pushed out the open gate. Again the smuggler had to shade his eyes as he felt a letter in his pocket that he hadn't noticed before.

Opening it he quickly read the instructions there and sighed as he realized he now worked for "The Man." 'Well I won't be for long...' Shrike smiled as he brushed his now exceptionally long blonde hair out of his face and frowned as he realized he needed a haircut. Walking over to the canal's edge Shrike looked at his reflection in the still water and quirked an eyebrow as he realized he liked this new look. Smiling the smuggler shook his hair out and then made his way over to the harbor entrance and where the Watch's command center was. The city had changed slightly in the last two years, of course he had heard of Deathwing's coming and the destruction of the park but he was finally able to see it first hand and it was impressive.

"Man... What has the world come to... The Lich King dead and Deathwing rampaging about... Jeez I think I'd rather be in prison!" Shrike muttered to himself light heartedly as he finally stood in front of the Commander's office inside the Watchhouse and the several women standing in front of it. Shrike felt his eyes roving over their forms and smiling as he realized he might actually get to have some fun. 'Well... maybe not just yet... Not all girls like a rogue...' Shrike thought to himself dryly as he moved up to stand just below the porch of the building. "So any of you ladies heading up this 'shin-dig?'" Shrike asked with his most winning smile, trying to put them at ease. He had been in prison too long he decided, it was ruining his game!
Majustu whirled when the newcomer spoke; the saddlebag she carried thumped against her legs through the layers of linen of her shift and Novice robes. Blinking big eyes at the woman, she offered a shy smile as she shifted the saddlebag to accept the other woman's hand. "H-hello. My name's Majustu."

She had no last name, not one she remembered anyway; her parents had died when she was very young and had been basically raised by a sister only a couple years older then herself and a kindly old priest who ended up taking them to the orphanage in Stormwind.

She blinked at the other human woman - another who was darkhaired but unlike Elly had an x-shaped scar on her cheek - who came into the small waiting area outside the commander's office. The teen noticed how she just sat down without greeting anyone. Marguax had been a bit like that, hesitant to speak to anyone, to meet strangers, but then again, the warrior-woman from Gilneas had her own reasons to be that way, like this newcomer probably did...

And then came in the man, who was shorter then most of the grown men in the Cathedral, Guard, and Keep. There was something about the way he looked at her, at the other two women, that along with the way he walked made her uneasy and subconsciously she stepped behind Elly, the hem of her Novice robes swishing around her plain homemade boots.

She was not a fighter, hardly what many would consider aggressive - ask any of her superiors or year-mates in the Cloister and they'd tell you honest the girl was a weakling and pretty much a doormat. It was why she had chosen to become a healer, a caretaker - to be useful without having to fight.
Mage Tower, Stormwind

"Exactly four ounces of the mixture, Zeke. No more, no less. Should you put more, then this experiment will be for nought and we'll have to start all over again. Do you want to start all over again?"

A tall old man, dressed in blue robes and holding a long mage staff looked intensely at the young trainee. He had never worked with such an incompetent before. His eyes were growing weary from the 14th time they have done this experiment. Always, one miscalculation on Zeke's part. Luckily they were near the end and once he finished he was out of the Tower.

Zeke timidly picked up the bubbling mixture. It was bright blue, with marks at the ounces. He walked over to a bowl filled with a green ball of mush and slowly poured in, watching a little stream fall from the beaker. As he waited for the slow moving liquid to fall, he began to think of where he would be going later. The Watch he thought. Finally, a chance to prove his skills! He could imagine it now, Zeke Valimore the Great, saver of the weak and gentlemen of the ladies. He pictured his partners all looking up to him and his boss smiling at everything he did.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" the mentor yelled. Zeke looked down, horrified to see that he had poured way to much in. The experiment was ruined and they'd have to start from scratch - again.

"That's it. Get out of my sight," the mentor said, rubbing his temples.

"But master I-" Zeke began, though he was sharply interrupted and recoiled at his master's next words.

"But? But what? You have messed up EVERY SINGLE DAMN TIME. Not only that, but last week you made me lose my hair, and the week before that you turned all of the students into sheep! I am not dealing with this anymore. My four year old son can do this experiment properly! What's wrong with you? I refuse to teach you anymore, no matter how much they pay me. Have a good day."

And with that, Zeke was suddenly standing outside the Mage Tower, suitcase and belongings in hand.

Zeke absentmindedly walked down the Mage Quarter path. That was the twelfth time this week he had been yelled at and expelled from the tower. But it was no matter. He would soon be saving the lives of the innocent and protecting citizens from crime. Zeke accidentally bumped into a man and looked up. He had scars over his eyes, and his build was really, really good.

"Watch where you're going, bub. Don't make me bash your skull in," he said in a scratchy voice. He continued up the path. Zeke mad that he didn't even stop to say sorry began to mutter. Spiders seemingly appearing from nowhere began to crawl up the bully. The man looked down to see a giant furry spider crawling up his chest. Its beady eight eye stared at him straight in the eye.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" he yelled, running in terror. Zeke chuckled as the man ran around, smacking himself at the illusions. He always enjoyed watching his tormentors suffer from his illusions. It made his day.

Zeke walked to the supposed HQ of the Watch and looked at it. It wasn't much, but he wasn't sure if it was the right building. Timidly, he cast an invisibility spell on himself and walked in. The door randomly opened and closed, letting in a breeze of air. He noticed three others three others present. One was a night elf, which he rarely saw. The other two were humans, but the male looked scary and the girl looked friendly.

He kept up his invisibility charm and waited for someone to announce that this was the Watch house. He sat down on the floor and focused only on keeping his charm up..
Zac flew on the warm thermals above Stormwind. He swung a hard left and plummetted down to the earth. He let out a, "YEEEEEHAAAAA!" as he neared the ground and he swerved upwards once more, just a few inches shy of splattering on the ground. "Yeah!" he whooped and headed to where he had been directed. His mind drifted back to his meeting back in Moonglade.

"But he started it!" shouted Zac, pointing a clawed finger at a ruffed up night elf druid. Zac didnt look to much better. The night elf, a druid by the name of Dalulayen, had thought it would be fine to make fun of Zac's homeland and soon found out why it was a mistake. They had fought for a half hour, switching between forms constantly during, before a mentor finally broke them up. After they had been somewhat healed they were taken to speak to a mentor, the one they both shared, a tall and imposing night elf who liked to yell....alot.

"I dont care who started it!! You're both at fault! Dalulayen, you'll be working with the circle in the outlands helping rid them of the nagas! Zactan!" Zac grimaced as he heard his full name, he hated it and pefered Zac. "You will be working at Stormwind. I was recently contacted by an old associate of mine that the Night Watch will be reforming and they need recruits. I think this will be a good lesson for you, teach you discipline, now go! Now, before I send you both to the barrens!"

So, Zac was now in the greatest human city to ever stand. 'Please' he thought, 'this place has nothing on Gilneas.' Zac flapped his wings and dove torward the small building he was sent to. He saw some people already there. A few femal humans and two male humans. He grinned, thinking now would be perfect for one of his pranks. Taking a steep dive he dove at the group letting out a piercing screech. At the last second he transformed into his worgen form and landed on the ground laughing his head off as he waited to see the others reactions.
A few days ago...

"You're fekkin' kidding me, right?"

Stawson had expected this question; wholeheartedly he did. He had been asked about sixteen different times by eight different people in his employ if this was exactly the "best idea" on the planet. Giving a woman like McCormack a badge and a sword was probably the worst idea that the Guard could've ever hoped to come up with. And it was the Night Watch, at that! At least with the regular Guard she would've had to check herself in public, but at night? The woman practically never slept, much less needed to. She was a few bushels short of a grainery, if the men got the metaphor right.

But here she was, standing in front of him in a loose mockery of attention, a cigarette between her lips and the acrid smoke of Stawson's cigar twisting into the air to mix with her own tobacco's. The room, as per usual, stank of it because the Warden was always smoking and to a lesser extent, was drinking. Unlike the large, muscle-bound woman in front of him though, his vices were top shelf, unlike the dregs she was drinking because of something so pedestrian as alcoholism...he merely just enjoyed his vices as any member of his stature would. At least that's what he told himself to keep the missus off his back...

He ashes his cigar into the crystal ashtray nearby on his desk, currently located in his aged study. "No, I am in fact, not kidding, Sunshine. Night Watch needs bodies, and they've recently made a generous donation to my-err, our coffers, so you're being relocated there now. As far as I can see, this may or may not be a permanent arrangement. You got a problem with that?"

She scoffs, and ashes her cigarette right on his desk. "You don't give people like me a badge and impunity. You know that." Great, somebody else was telling him this now?

He waves his hand away once, swilling the scotch in his glass while doing so. "Darlin', are you forgetting the gravity of our arrangement? You don't get to pick and choose anymore; we pick, and we choose for you. Remember our contacts within the Horde? They're still there...just remember that."

He can see fire in her gray eyes, and she voices her discontent by putting our her cigarette right on a stack of paperwork he had; as faintly as he can remember, prisoner manifests and transfers for the month. "Fine." She growls bitterly. "Where the fek do I sign up?"

Present day...

She stares up blankly at the building in front of her; the supposed home of the newest incarnation of the Watch. She has a feeling in her gut that she can't ignore...hasn't she been here before? She exhales another cloud of acrid smoke from her rapidly burning out cigarette, and mutters “Guess this is the place...why do I have the weirdest sense of fekkin' deja vu about bein' here?”

She tosses the cancer stick to the ground and stomps on its smoldering remains with a plated boot, and rolls her shoulders to get the kinks out of them. “Well, no time like the present I guess...”

She remembers an old song her old commanding officer used to sing on marches, as she strides into the building and she begins to sing it softly to herself,

”I left alone,
My mind was blank,
I needed time to think to get
The memories from my mind,
What did I see?
Can I believe?
What I saw that night,
Was real and not just fantasy?
Just what I saw
In my own dreams?
Were they reflections of my warped mind
Staring back at me?
'Cause in my dreams!
It's always there!
The evil face that twists my mind,
And brings me to Despair...”

She sees a familiar face in the crowd of mostly women (the warrior's already shaking her head in a confused state at that one), ignores the male talking and waves at Perfection. She looks at the male once, and states, “Dude, you just get outta prison or something?” before walking away bruskly past him, plopping down in a cross-legged position next to the rogue. “Howdy, Backstabber. You're not usually in this part of the continent, what brings ya here?”
Outskirts of Stormwind...

The morning birds announced the arrival of the song, a fresh smell of foliage rose into the air, and the sky was bright with not a cloud in sight. Down the rays of light flooded, some hitting upon the face of a Worgen lying asleep against a tree. The Worgen stirred, his plate armor clanking as he rolled over. He went back to sleep for about ten more minutes, then slowly arose. The red eyes glanced around at his environment, remembering that he had decided to spend the night outdoors. He kept in note that today was the third day since he had awoken from his near-death state. As the Worgen checked the area for a rabbit or deer happening by, he recalled to mind the experiences of the past week once more.

Several Days Ago...

It had started in the Badlands. He had been on a patrol for the Alliance outpost of Dragon's Mouth. Now, at this time he had been a completely different person than he was now... he was the kind of guy who could be facing an entire army of dragons and simply yawn before rushing in to hack at their ankles. So when he saw elementals, he definitely felt the need to get some action into his day. With that in mind, he had charged at them, turning them into pebbles one by one. After about a dozen or so, he grew bored with this, so he strayed off the patrol path. He had heard about Bloodwatcher Point and figured that it would be a perfect opportunity to kick the crap out of some stupid sissy Blood Elves. As he ran toward the location, he noticed that there were storm clouds in the sky... he simply thought he'd get a little wet.

When he arrived at the location, he noticed that there were no Alliance or Horde diggers. He simply came to the conclusion that they were on break or some bull like that. He sat around for a while on a rock, swinging at tumbleweeds as they came by and spitting out into the dust. After about an hour, he was going to leave when suddenly, it started thundering. Thunder and lightning always had a strange appeal to him, so he sat there, watching the sky light up with streaks of electric light. Then, just when he let his guard down... he got struck in the head by lightning. There was nothing at first... Alekut though he was dead. Then, the world opened back up... and he stood there, looking at his body. He was now in the spirit world, wondering if he was truly dead or not.

In truth, he wasn't. This was temporary. But he didn't know this at the time. He thought he was going to go insane, but something in his mind started to soothe him. He felt... calm. A voice called in his mind. "Alekut... Alekut..." It reminded him of the Worgen of a long time ago, except it was more smooth, soft, and liquid-flowing. "Alekut... there is a mesa southeast... go there. I will tell you what to do from there." Alekut was going to ask who the voice was when it was gone, just like that. He looked around for a moment, then shrugged. Not like he had anything else to do. He moved toward the mesa mentioned and to his surprise, there was a tiny crack that glowed. He realized it was too small for him to fit through and he yelled, "I can't fit through a bloody crack the size of my !@#$'s!"

The voice returned, simply saying, "Move into the mesa... a secret cavern lies beyond the crack. Follow the light." It was gone again. Alekut muttered, "Jee, I wonder where I've heard that before." He decided to get a dramatic running headstart. He backed up a few yards, then charged full on toward the crack. At the last moment, he jumped and ended up falling in a cavern, as promised. It seemed more like a passageway through the rock, that was how low the ceiling was and how narrow the walls were. He stood up and brushed dust off... then he felt baffled. He looked down at his body and it seemed solid again... otherwise, he wouldn't have brushed dust off. This was a completely strange turn of events. His mind was still trying to decode what happened when the voice once more said, "This is a temporary condition. You will not be this way forever. When you leave, you will return to the spirit world and when that happens, you will have to return to your body quickly.

"Now," the voice continued, "You will not leave here until you can or cannot triumph at all the trials ahead. Do not worry, there are three small ones and a main one. When the trials are finished, all will be revealed. You may also note that each trial, there are hints as to what to do, but you must figure out the rest on your own." Without leaving room for opinion, the voice vanished. Alekut growled to himself and began to maneuver his way through the rocky passage. When he got through, he found himself in a room with four doors. Only one was currently open and a hum seemed to emit from the room beyond. Alekut took in a deep breath and entered.

Later... ((I will reveal his first three trials in time, don't worry.))

At last, he stepped out of the third door, soaked. Or so he thought. When he entered through the fourth door, he became dry instantly. There was little time to ponder this when the door slammed shut. There was no going back now. He entered into the room, which seemed like an arena of sorts. From the other side, a figure entered. From what Alekut could tell, the figure was male and wearing a dark robe with a dark hood. He stood about 12 feet tall. The race, he could not tell. On his back was a massive cleaver axe. This man looked up at him and red eyes stared at him from under the shadow. When the man spoke, it seemed to be in a Deathwing fashion.

"Welcome," he began. "You have already passed the first three trials. You have proven yourself so far. But now comes the main trial... you must fight His Champion." Alekut blinked, then made motions with his hands, saying, "Wait, wait, wait a moment. Who's Champion? What? In fact, what the bloody damn is all this? What is the purpose of this?" The man simply said, "Defeat me, and you will learn everything. Fail, and you will die." Alekut muttered, "Well, I'd say that's a fair deal." The man threw off the robe and hood and revealed himself in full glory... a muscular stone version of a Vrykul. Alekut's jaw almost dropped, for he didn't know how he was going to beat that which could not feel pain. Ah, well. He might as well try.

He drew his swords as the Vrykul drew his cleaver axe and the two charged at each other. Alekut slid under the Vrykul, slicing at the legs. Nothing happened. Alekut yelled, "Bloody 'ell, don't make me bloody work for it!" He got up and sliced at the Vrykul again. It did nothing and the Vrykul prepared his cleaver. The Worgen jumped out of the way, just in time. It was now a dance of slashing at the Vrykul and hopping away before the cleaver landed. This would continue for a while, the Warrior starting to get weary. Then, during one point of the ritual, he slashed at the shoulders. The Vrykul flinched. That moment of flinch was all that was needed. The Worgen slashed at the shoulders and top of the back again and again. The Vrykul was quick to yield.

"You have found my weak point," he stated. "Therefore, you have defeated me." Alekut was enraged. "What, that's it? All I had to do was find your !@#$ing weak point? Are you %^-*ing kidding me?" The champion said patiently, "It would be best to change your attitude when you meet him." With that, he dissipated. "WHO?!" was all the Worgen could shout. But then, at the other side of the room, light poured out. He decided there was nothing else to do other than go toward the light. Again. He walked in that direction and before long, he came upon a dark cavern with a massive lake. A small island was in the center, connected to the entrance by a thin isthmus. He walked over the isthmus and noticed that there was something shining on the island. When he arrived, it manifested in the shape of a human. Its eyes glowed pure red, yet there seemed to be no evil emitting from it. Instead, a soothing, enlightening aura pulsed from the light being. It said in the same voice that had been in Alekut's head, "Welcome. You have been through much in the past three days... you deserve to know now."

Alekut's mind was boggled. He had been there three days?! The being continued, "I have tried to speak to someone for a long time now... at first, there was no one. Then you came along. Whether you know it or not, you are about to change, whether it's for better or for worse. I must now enlighten you... and you must spread the knowledge that you learn here on this day to the true believers." Before any questions could be asked, the being plunged into a new perspective of the world and history that Alekut would never have imagined.


It had taken a day for the soul to return to the body, which had been conveniently found by an Alliance explorer. He had not known whether it had been a dream or not... but now, he had changed entirely. He would never be the same again. He had headed back to Stormwind, on medical leave from the Badlands. He had been wondering what to do when he got there when he heard about the Watch. A perfect opportunity to both keep his skills sharp and spread the word of his Lord. So here he was now, in the outskirts of Stormwind. Well, now was the time to go to the Watch. He got himself together and got on all fours. The Worgen ran on his paws to the Watch House.

Once he arrived, he got on his two legs again, noting that his standard Alliance armor was starting to grow tiring on him. He hoped that these folks would have something new for him to wear. Alekut took a deep breath and walked into the building, noting the people already there. He immediately sneaked over to a corner and leaned against the wall, looking around from a white hood that was up. Some men, some women. A race here, a race there. He wasn't impressed so far.

Perfection was busy fiddling with the tip of her pony tail when she heard another come in. She looked up to see what looks to be a prisoner, or what she thought to be a prisoner, either way she still had to add another thing to the list of 'What the Group Might be Like" guy who liked to flirt with all the girls and think he wins. Aka, the try hard. A slim black eyebrow twitched in annoyance, thanks to her stays in Teldrissil, she rather preferred the Kal'dorei men than her own race, at least most of them didn't act like complete and utter morons at the time, but this was no time to think about that.

She raised her right hand "Hey buddy, just fair warning, if you dare speak like that to me, I wont hesitate in burning your body to nothing but a pile of ash...." she activated the flaming claw to prove her point. The claw's colors would be yellow, orange and then purple at the tips, long wispy like feathers stuck out from the other side of the claw. She kept her face emotionless and blank, trying not to let the annoyance show. The Assassin wanted the man to know that she was not going to stand for any of his flirtatious words or coo's, or she'll kill him.

She lowered the claw to inspect it, making sure to lower it's heat enough so that she didn't char herself, even though the claw wouldn't let that happen anyway. She had grown bored again until she happen to see a female human warrior walk into the room. At first, she thought it was just another newbie looking for work, but then she noticed the armor and took a second glance. Her face lit up as she saw the same, hardened warrioress she knew, Lowmaine.

She chuckled as the woman walked over and sat down beside her, the Assassin giving a friendly tap on the arm in greeting before she heard her question...

“Howdy, Backstabber. You're not usually in this part of the continent, what brings ya here?”

Perfection deactivated her claw before answering Low's question "Work, mostly. I need the money seeing as there really isn't much to do, and the SI:7 are not a great option, so I decided maybe the Watch would be a better choice...however..." she jerked a thumb at the prisoner person "If there are going to be more morons like that guy, I don't really think I'll last that long in this job, mostly because they would either have their tongues burned out or any other important parts of the body".

She yawned and stretched in her chair, she then raised a brow at Lowmaine and asked "So, how about you? Been a while, what brings you here? I thought you would be at the bar or something bashing the crap out of the next drunk near you". She crossed her arms over her chest before waiting for a response.
Lynara awoke with a bit of a groan as she stood up from the bed of the Inn’s room she had rented. The night elf walked over to the mirror and began to brush her hair to an organized fashion. Then she looked over her markings, two curved lines over each eye, their light blue color standing out against her pinkish purple skin. When her hair was straight and her face was clean she gave herself a satisfied smile before walking back to the bag near the table on the other side of the room.

She put on her leather armor followed by the plate armor that covered her vital areas. She messed around with the breastplate for a bit before she gave herself a nod and picked up her sword and strapped it to her waist. Followed by her bow and a quiver of arrows strapped to the back of her breastplate.

She walked out onto the streets of Stormwind, busy as usual and walked towards the building that the watch was gathering at. She walked up to the building, giving it a look over before she walked in. She noticed quite a group forming; many of them seemed to be… lack luster. Then she notice Lowmaine and Perfection. She walked over to the two girls.

“Why hello, Lowmiane, Perfection.” She said along with a gestering nod. “How have you two been? Good I hope?” She added. She continued to look over the group; literally being 6’9 meant she was one of the tallest people in the room.
The Novice hunched back, pressing by the doorframe of the Commander's office trying to not draw attention. These people were....odd, possibly crazy. And having grown up with her sister, she knew crazy when she saw it. By the Light she hoped she'd have limited interactions with these people as the caretaker of the Watchhouse and healer of its occupants...
"Alright, listen up. I'm only going to say this once." Draelin was already talking as he pushed open the door and stepped out of his office into the main room where everyone was gathered. His eyes wandered over the people gathered in the room, pausing for a moment on each of their faces. He recognized most of them from their files and could probably call them all by name if he wanted to, but where was the fun in that? As far as he was concerned, they were all nobodies, they didn't exist. The faster he finished Shaw's task, the faster he could get back to his old life.

"First, the name is Graves, Draelin Graves, but you can call me "Sir". Second, this is the Watch, if you're in the wrong place, get the hell out and stop wasting my time. Third, while you're under this roof and calling yourself a Watchmen, you will abide by all my rules. What I say is all that matters, if I tell you to jump off the roof, I want to hear your body splatter on the ground from doing so. My word is law, got it? Fourth, I'm not your friend, I"m not your confidant, I'm the guy who makes you do stuff. That in mind, I don't care about your life story, you, or anything else. Have a problem? Great, we all have problems, fix it your damn self. Fifth, I'm not your babysitter. I'm not going to hold your hand, if you can't cut it, get the hell out and don't waste my time!"

"Follow me." He spoke as he quickly turned on his heel and headed down the long hallway. Not even waiting to see if any of them had followed or were nearby, he started to give the "tour" of the Watch House. "End of the hallway is the barracks, I don't care if you live here in Stormwind or not, you're sleeping there. There's a smaller room there for the ladies and another one for your hygienic needs. Back this way and to the left, the kitchen and food storage."

He paused while glancing over their faces, his eyes fixing on that of Majustu. "You, Novice or whatever the hell they call you. I see they sent you over to play nurse and caretaker. Well, when we're not out, this'll be your domain. Cook and keep this place tidy and I'll try and make sure you get sent back to the one piece. No worries though, you won't be alone..Mr. Fruuctus Charybdis, you'll be attending the woman in this. I see you are..were..a vendor of fruits. I hope you aren't as useless as I think you are."

Draelin turned and pointed to the doorway across from the kitchen area. "That there is the armory, you'll find weapon supplies as well as armor. Let me see..Eleanor..Vasdrim, where are you?" His eyes searched over the recruits before locking onto the woman. She wasn't hard to spot out from the crowd. "I read in your file you're a gunsmith, I don't know how good you are, nor do I really care, but you will be making some for us. I want top of the line, top quality stuff. You will of course be paid for your long as the merchandise holds up. Got it? Good. Alekut Hruothrar, the same goes for you. You make stuff, you get paid..if the stuff holds up."

"You're probably wondering about the armor in there, so I'll tell's just armor, nothing special. I'm not one to go parading around the streets in a shiny uniform begging to get stabbed in the back in some dark alley. We won't be wearing uniforms. We will blend into this city, we'll be just like everyone else except we have a purpose. To keep this city's wheel turning, to keep the people safe, to protect and serve, yadda yadda. "

He waved a hand dismissingly at his own words and started walking once again. "This door here leads into the briefing room. As you can probably guess, it's where I..brief you. If you're still too simple or green to understand what that means, you probably aren't going to make it here. " He pushed the door open and stepped inside, gesturing with a hand for them to find a chair and sit.

"So, I think we've got all the ground rules covered. Here's what's going to happen. Just 'cause you got accepted, doesn't mean I accept you. I need to see what you people can do, so I'm going to be arranging a few.."trials" for you to go through so I can ascertain your strengths. If you pass, you're in, you fail...guess. Since you just got here, I'm not going to start until tomorrow. I'll give you time to get acquianted, eat, cry, whatever it is that you want to do..but starting tomorrow, your arses are mine!"

"Now then, if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask them. I'll be sure to ignore each and everyone one of them. " He turned to the door and looked back over his shoulder as he passed through it. "By the way, you're dismissed. Begone from my sight. The day starts early tomorrow, we're not just covering the night, we're handling everything. Make sure you get plenty of rest."

WIth that, Draelin stepped out and moved quickly up the hallway and back into his office. He couldn't help but chuckle as he sank down in the chair at his desk. How many of those poor bastards would actually still be there tomorrow? He figured that priestess would be the first to go, followed by the fruit vendor, the rest of them were a toss up.

"Oh well, Shaw didn't exactly say that I had to keep all of them to succeed." He smiled and plucked one of his daggers up from his belt and began to twirl it between his fingers. He had a feeling that there would be a knock on the door very soon. Someone who wanted to kis !@# or ask some stupid question. He sighed and fixed his gaze on the door waiting for the inevitable.(2/2)
"Work, mostly. I need the money seeing as there really isn't much to do, and the SI:7 are not a great option, so I decided maybe the Watch would be a better choice...however...If there are going to be more morons like that guy, I don't really think I'll last that long in this job, mostly because they would either have their tongues burned out or any other important parts of the body..."

The warrior chuckles and takes a swig from her flask, stating "That's good interrogation technique, Backstabber. I didn't know Shan'do approved of such methodology...or you pick that up from SI:7?" She adds with a cautious wink and a quieter tone so most around them can't hear what she's saying except for the roguish woman. She turns her head and regards the loud-mouthed rogue, stating "I dealt with his kind good war'll sort his sh!te out...or kill him. Either way solves the problem for us. But yeah, if'n ya wanna learn some good ways ta extra information...I may or may not know a few things."

"So, how about you? Been a while, what brings you here? I thought you would be at the bar or something bashing the crap out of the next drunk near you"

She rolls her eyes and sighs, "Beatin' drunks is only fun 'til ya realize they don't fight back so good." she laughs once, and idly scratches an itch near her right eye, stating "Though one did give me a mean shiner once after too much whiskey one night...but yeah...I'm here because..." she pauses once uncomfortably, remembering Stawson's words. "Well...yeah, repayin' debts, you know how that goes..." she continues awkwardly with a bit of a chuckle. "Gotta make some gold somehow to fuel my raging addiction to find tobacco and spirits, after all."

She sees Lynara approach and gives her a wide grin and a small wave, "Howdy stranger. Ain't see you on the continent in awhile either. What are the chances that my two favorite Kalimdorians besides the Horde are in the same place, much less Stormwind?"

Before she can get a proper retort from either, the supposed guy in charge made his grand entrance...and gave a speech that rivaled watching paint dry to group.

She sighs as she gets up and mills about with the rest of them, she sighs and then grins in a predatory fashion. She gives her a wider grin, and addresses the human next to her "So, Backstabber, how is your Shan'do anyway? I'm sure there are parties that are interested to his well-being, aren't there?" She states whilst looking at the night elf with a sneaky grin. "I mean, after all, what's a little harmless sharing between friends?"

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