Pureblood Fire Hawk Giveaway, Love <MS>

Will see you there!
This is going to be tons of fun! Hope to see people there and good luck to everyone competing! I'll see the winner in Thursday's run :D
this is gona be crazy. im there!
Congratulations to the lucky rogue
The fight is on and it is fierce!
Better rules next time? kkthx
Was fun.

What are the problems with the rules?
that was a blast! thanks for the fun... lets do it again!!
Hella fun event!! Grats to the winners, enjoy the free stuff.

How can there possibly be haters for this kind of thing!!!!
Thanks guys it was a blast!
Awesome to see a realm as live as this one. The whole reason I brought my pally here was the trade spam and how populated the server was!

Video of him looting it!
Nicely done...see you in Firelands
Yeah the intent was there, do something nice for someone & have some fun. Getting there can be tricky and finding the right avenues that are fair to everyone maybe not so good at yet. Anyways this is my favorite time of expansions. Relaxing and having some fun with different people on the server. So live it up & enjoy. See you around.
Congratulations dude.

Looks like some of us will be seeing you tomorrow.

Guess you don't have to buy a mount anymore :)
What a show!

Really neat, and glad it wasn't some lame April Fool's joke. Congrats to the guy who won it.

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