RIP Amas

Earthen Ring
Afternoon all, just wanted to inform everyone of the sad news that the player behind Amas passed away last night. From Vanilla to current content he was a fantastic player and a better friend. I'm sending his family a card with some messages of condolences from guildies in the next week, and anyone that wishes to can reply here and I'll be sure to include your messages. Thank you.
Damn, that sucks.

My condolences. :(
My condolences go out to his family.

Amas was a great guy and so much fun. I have many fond memories of him during late nights, telling incredibly terrible jokes, and shameless prolific cursing.

Though we never met face-to-face I considered Amas a friend, someone I am glad to have spent time with.

Our lives are richer for having known him and he will assuredly be missed.
thats terrible
i hope it was peaceful
Amas was a great guy; I have many fond memories of him playing court jester to Daemok's imperious king during the Moar DPS raids. And he was never a *!!*, at least to me and mine, which is not something that can be said about a large percentage of the populace (myself included).

I will miss him.
Died in his sleep.
This is never good news to read in the forums. I did not know him but I send my condolences.
Have an excellent trip dude.

You were an awesome friend. I had some amazing times with you in WoW, and Vent, and @VooDoo, and in Montreal.

Chatting with you helped me through some rough patches. You were a great listener and a positive influence.

You'll be missed, but never forgotten.
My condolences to his family.
May you ride forever in the Summerlands Amas.
May you walk with the earth mother


Was in L.O.F. way back...Amas was a good guy.
*Pours one out for Amas*

Fair winds and following seas, buddy. Always had a blast when you were around; we'll miss ya.
Wow, I can't believe it.

He was always a stand up guy when I was in palemoon requiem. (way back when) This is so sad.

I wish his family the best.
Requesta de pache
I was fairly new to the guild and only ever got the chance to speak to him a handful of time on random runs and the occasional raid, but he was a funny guy with a great sense of humor. I am sad that I didn't get the chance to know him better, as he seemed like the kind of person you like having around.

My condolences to his family and friends alike, I am sure he will be missed by everyone, myself included.

Good adventures to you Mister Amas in the next life, may you find much happiness and awesome loots.

Wow and vent will never be the same without him. Nearly every memory I have in WoW, he is a part of. I consider him a friend in and out of the game. I will miss all the laughs in vent, not to mention the cursing. Will miss you Amish. And as much as it would normally kill me to say this, Go Duke.

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