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iBuyPower, CyberPowerPC, etc...

Before you buy from them, if you have a tech savvy friend that can build one for you, buy the parts and have him or her build it, then buy that friend a nice dinner or two for the effort. Failing that, a local mom-and-pop shop may be willing to build one if you provide the parts for some labor fee.
Why isn't this stickied yet?
Replace the power supply with something that provides 80 Plus certification.

So you are going to overclock that i5 CPU?
This is the build I would go from what you have selected:
If your computer currently in use is a desktop, you could have recycled few parts and have built it (through friend help or mom-and-pop store) and save money, or get an SSD installed. :<
Kalganized, I have another question

Whats the diff between Windows 7 and a version that has OEM next to it? I would really not rather have to buy a 200 dollar version of windows 7 if this 99 dollar version will get my computer running
Retail version of 7 can be "officially" reused as many times as you want on any computer as long as only one computer is using it at a time.

OEM version of 7 means Microsoft doesn't have to help you if issues happen, and that it's "officially" stuck to a single computer it was originally installed on. However, this rule is more or less ignored. Pretty much everyone buys the OEM copy, and when it's time to upgrade, they simply call Microsoft and get a new key if the OS tells them to do so.

Otherwise, the features and specs are exactly the same.
So go with the 99 dollar OEM version? Thought so, thanks
If you don't need support from Microsoft, and that you don't mind having to install it clean every time you want to reinstall the OS, yeah.

If you want support from Microsoft, retail version may be better.

Intel 520, 120gb SSD dropped down from 182.99 to 159.99 in a day! Grab it while you can!
That explains why the 240GB Intel 520 was being sold for $300 from some shops. o_o
Yeah, I've been watching it for quite some time now, lowest I saw it was 169ish a couple of weeks ago, now that it's 159, I'm just going to go ahead and grab it. Now just to wait for Ivy Bridge and secure the rest of my stuff.

Also, just to ask, you are recommending to just go ahead and spend the extra $50 and go for the 7950 instead of the 7870?
If you can. The 7950 should be OC'd, then it'll play with GTX 680 / HD 7970 effortlessly.

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