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[quote="43362761962"]1. The two SATA cables that comes with motherboard would be used for a hard disk and a DVD drive. DVD drives are OEM and doesn't come with their own cable, nor the hard disk. Therefore, you need one more SATA cable if you buy an SSD and SSD doesn't come with its own./quote]

So in that case - since my plan is to get JUST an SSD an no hard disk (for now), I will not need an additional data cable?

Thanks again!
Yeah, if you are fine with just an SSD with no mechanical drive, then yes, you will not need additional SATA cable.
Hey Kalg this is Aeox here. I live in the college town that is Lawrence Kansas and we just had a basketball team lose in a very big tournament. Some drunk idiot hit a powerline somewhere and the power for my side of town flickered off and on 2-3 times.... and my computer was on with me raiding. How bad are power outages for computers? And is there anything I should check to make sure everything was fine? I was able to get it shut down and disconnected completely from the wall before the second flicker.
Since you have a quality power supply, the worst that'll happen is that the power supply is dead (which is not likely to happen at all). Rest of your system should be fine. Especially if powered by a power strip.

Nowadays, a power outage only inconveniences you a little, nothing major.
Alright, just making sure. Hate to have this computer go zzzt
Would it still be worth it to get something like an UPS just in case?
It does help for those unforeseen circumstances, but not required.
Is there one you would recommend that's reasonably priced (I have no idea what that would be for these)? Having that happen just made me completely paranoid about that happening again
Good UPS costs a bit over hundred bucks (or around thereabout). Like power supply, what you pay is what you get.

I don't use a UPS, so I can't make any recommendations. :(

This seems well-reviewed:
Alright. It sounds like it's something I'll look into but have to wait on. In the mean time, if something bad happens, my PSU will likely sacrifice itself for the rest of my computer?
Depends on how bad the power surge is (power loss is different). The power supply you have is rated for up to 135% over the normal load.
Alright, thanks! When this happened I just freaked out a little bit, because I've heard of bad things happening to computers because of this. I have something else on my list now for summer upgrades.
Why doesn't ANYTHING ever getting a sticky in this forum :(? This should be sticked as well as that over clocking guide someone wrote up.
I've seen mods post here sometimes, but I dunno, do they have that many sticky requests? :(
BTW for the over-kill build, I dont really plan on OC? So would I even need to buy the CPU Cooler?
If you are not going to overclock the CPU, take the cheaper i5-2300 CPU, motherboard (ASRock H61M/U3S3), and RAM (DDR3-1333) noted in the build no.3, and don't buy the CPU cooler.

If you are not buying the computer now, the builds will be updated with Ivy Bridge CPUs as they are released.
When will those be released? Sometime this month?
Actual launch date of Ivy Bridge i5 and i7 CPU is April 29th, but I would suspect widespread availability at first week of May.
And another question, wouldn't a 6-core out perform a quad core? I don't understand how that works.
Pretty much 99% of games out there today, and for the most part, for few more years, only make use of dual-core at most, with few games taking advantage of SOME parts of quad-core.

Considering this, more cores don't do anything for you in gaming.

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