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I would try this one:

You can download, but installation will not proceed without the card installed.
The site they link to to download from is currently down >.< . I'm going to put the card in now and see if the issues persist without any drivers installed.
If you continue after Atiman Uninstaller, don't be shocked if resolution is really ugly. It forces Windows to default to 640x480.
Card is in, AMD drivers are completely wiped, and so far no issues. I'm thinking it was a driver issue. I'll let you know what happens after I get the new ones installed.
Would 12.4 off the AMD site be fine? That link has a really slow download speed.
There are additional mirrors on that page.

But yes, 12.4 off AMD site is fine.
Flickering is still happening... fml

I'm going to try to get a good picture of exactly what is happening.

Besides the flickering, the game plays just fine.
Force VSync and see if flickering goes away. Also, check out the CCC's display property where they have alternative method of display / reduce something.

Also, check out GPU-Z sensors while a game is running in windowed mode. Are the temperatures in-line? Clock speed?
Where do I force VSync? And according to MSI Afterburner, my card is at 41-44 C. Clocks are at 850 MHz /1300 MHz
VSync can be forced in CCC, in the bottom of the 3D custom settings area
VSync did not help any.
Just wondering, is this the type of issue you would see with bad VRAM?
I assume the 3D settings on CCC are at default and has not been modified? My 6950 will display severely corrupted textures and other ... funny artifacts if I force it to have edge-detection for anti-aliasing

I can only see three conclusions:

1) Bad VRAM
2) Unlikely, but won't rule out power supply problem
3) Highly unlikely, but won't rule out PCI-E slot problem

For a temporary solution, you can try to underclock your VRAM. Try with stock 6950 VRAM speed, which is 1250.
I haven't done any messing with CCC settings other than VSync. I'll check my Skyrim settings and see if anti-aliasing has anything weird going on with it. I'll check CCC too.
I've tried stock VRAM clocks already.
Take the card and try it on a different computer (and the power supply, or better yet, whole system), or take it to a local shop and see if it works over there fine.

So far, these kind of corruptions are typically VRAM problem.
I'll likely do that tomorrow with my friends computer then. Is the card still safe to play on, provided I'm willing to play through this issue?
Appears to be, but I wouldn't keep playing it that way.
Alright. I'll probably enjoy Skyrim maxed for a little bit longer then take it out. My Dad is already griping about how I should have gone prebuilt and other things >.>

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