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I don't see anything in there that could be a problem. Just double check that your case can handle the Hyper fan.
Yeah, you can upgrade it (except really high-end ones), although I don't think you will want to for quite some time.

I think you can request it to be unlocked. If not, I can just create a new one I guess. Just copy paste and stuff.
I don't think so, but it can fry your computer.
05/02/2012 10:28 PMPosted by Kalganized
I don't see anything in there that could be a problem. Just double check that your case can handle the Hyper fan.

Well you're certainly more knowledgable than I am and if you're telling me it'll be fine than I probably don't need to doublecheck :P
80 Plus certification means that the power supply can give 80% or above efficiency when under load.

Efficiency refers to how effectively the power supply uses the AC electricity from the outlet, then convert it to DC that can be used by the computer. Conversion is not 100% efficient (due to the way conversion works), and the power supply uses more electricity than what the computer actually requires to make up for it.

Higher the efficiency, less additional power from the outlet the power supply uses to provide enough power to the computer.

Poor quality power supplies require more power from the outlet than the higher quality power supplies.
Would testing my friend's card in my computer do the same thing as testing my card in his? It would be easier to do than and not unplug everything in my computer, but if that's the only way...
* Breadisfunny:

The included manual in the power supply should tell you what it should come with.
If your system now refuses to enter Windows proper, I guess files have been damaged.

* Aeox:

No, but then, that would help tell us if other parts in your computer is working right or not. So I'd swap the graphics cards and try.

Your friend has POS power supply?
I got a question for you Kalgan.

I want to get my new rig up and running pretty quickly now, and was wondering, if I install a traditional 500g hard drive to get it going, how hard would it be to then add on a SSD drive in the future to my computer?
Radeon HD 6870 @ $170 ~ $190 ==OR== GeForce GTX 560 @ $170 ~ $200
Accompanying power supply wattage: 500W, 700W for CrossFireX / SLi

XFX Double D HD-687A-ZDFC Radeon HD 6870 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card with Eyefinity

you say that i need a 700w power supply for crossfirex? what is crossfire x and will the 500w pc power and cooling silencer MK III 500w be enough or should i search for a better power supply
* Paladinchaz:

You need to reinstall Windows 7 and all that jazz for optimal setup on the SSD. Not hard, just time consuming to set everything back up.

* Beachumx:

If you want to CrossFireX a 6870, you definitely need more than 500W. I would aim for a power supply with 4x 6-pin at least, which is usually found in power supplies supplying 650W or more.

700W is a comfortable value where you can do CrossFire with the 6870 + and still have leeway to overclock.
I stretched and got the Sager NP 9170 notebook.

It ended up being a pretty pricey 1740. But I'm getting a GTX 675M, the matte screen, Ivy processors and the extra warranty.

In two weeks I'll come back and post my opinions!
"- Radeon HD 7870 @ $350 ~ $360
Accompanying power supply wattage: 550W, 750W for CrossFireX / SLi

Alternatively, Radeon HD 7950 can now be recommended as a possible upgrade here. Due to a price drop, Radeon HD 7950 now costs $400. When overclocked, Radeon HD 7950 will match or overtake Radeon HD 7970, and match up to GTX 680."

Is that last 7970 a typo? Should it be 7870?
No, it's not a typo. Radeon HD 7950 will beat HD 7970 when overclocked. Why would a HD 7950 lose to or only match up to a HD 7870? ;o

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