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Heck if I know, it just seemed odd that you went from recommending 7870, to saying the 7950 would match or overtake the 7970. I have no idea what the difference is between xx50 and xx70 or 78yy and 79yy.
Oh, I am still recommending HD 7870, but I added the mention of HD 7950 because they can be had for about $50 more. Hence, "alternatively".

HD 7870 can only match up to stock GTX 580 / HD 7950, with overclock.
HD 7950 will beat stock HD 7970 / match up to GTX 680, with overclock.

For some, $50 more is worth that. For some, it isn't. So I gave two options for that part. :o

In a meanwhile...

We're on the page 25. Lock inc. How do we request it to be unlocked? D:
05/03/2012 01:30 PMPosted by Kalganized
No, it's not a typo. Radeon HD 7950 will beat HD 7970 when overclocked. Why would a HD 7950 lose to or only match up to a HD 7870? ;o

Neeevermind I totally misread that...

* Beachumx:

If you want to CrossFireX a 6870, you definitely need more than 500W. I would aim for a power supply with 4x 6-pin at least, which is usually found in power supplies supplying 650W or more.

700W is a comfortable value where you can do CrossFire with the 6870 + and still have leeway to overclock.

alright so from what im reading on wikipedia, cross fire allows you to use multiple graphics cards , which i dont plan on using so is 500w still ok ?

* Aeox:

No, but then, that would help tell us if other parts in your computer is working right or not. So I'd swap the graphics cards and try.

Your friend has POS power supply?

It had the same issue on his computer, and his card behaved normally on mine. Time to RMA another card. I'm thinking about just buying a 7870 or 7950, dealing with these glitches and wait for it to come in, then RMAing this card, and eBaying it when it gets back. Not sure yet though. I'm pretty confident the card is bad.

And his PSU is from the brand synonymous with POS, Diablotek.
* Aeox:

Ouch, yeah. You would have to use your power supply on his computer to test the graphics card on it. D:

* Beachmux:

Yes, if you will not CrossFireX, 500W is enough.
I think I might go the 7750 route for now and figure out what to do with it later. Is the Witcher 2 more demanding than Crysis or less?
Both are very demanding at maximum settings, so yeah.
Would they be fairly playable at the next step down from highest on a 7750?
Maybe. I am not 100% sure on it. Google Witcher 2 performance or something.

That's what I found. Since my monitor resolution is currently 1280x720, I think they should be fairly playable.
I think I might just deal with 800x600 for now... that $100 could be put somewhere else
The bright yellow set is my ret set. The one I am wearing is the holy set. ;)

Well, yeah, you just have to run recovery... again.
Australian computer prices are through the roof compared with the US. My girlfriend wants to begin playing WoW with me and I've done some hunting for an affordable laptop for her for WoW. She does precious little else that will demand a better CPU, video card so purely based on WoW.

I've found this one: http://!*!

Will that play the game well enough? Don't need anything earth shattering just very playable.

Please don't direct me to the first outstanding posts. This is more about the specific laptop. Thank you
It's HP laptop. Don't do it. By the way, the first part of the link is for some reason, censored out.

By the way, at the end of my guide is a thorough guide for buying a laptop.
Final changes have been made and everything has been ordered. Ty for the help.
You can still recycle the hard drive when you begin putting together a new computer, but if you see hard drive errors happen, you will need to buy a new hard drive.

I'd go with a Seagate 1TB drive with 7200 RPM speed.

A newer hard drive will probably be a bit faster than the older hard drive.

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