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There are not likely to be any difference unless you are using tons of script-based addons for Oblivion
Thank you for taking a second look. I was afraid I was overlooking something important.
What are your thoughts on cyberpower? Do you think they're good?
They are OK, that's about all I can say about them -- CyberPowerPC, iBuyPower, etc are all similar and they offer similar parts and products, and prices.
Hey kal I know I asked this already but was wondering if I could get a clearer thought on it. After finding that the maximus board was a micro atx. I've been leaning towards either p8z77-v or the p8z77-LK. I really like that the LK does not have all the unneeded wifi junk. But the on-board lan is driving me up the wall it uses the realtek 8111f instead of the V's intel 82579v. So if you don't mind and if anyone else who has experience with the realtek wouldn't mind let me know what you think about the realtek on board as all I can find is bad thing's about it?
This is only the second time i've built a computer and chance's are high that the board i choose will be in there a bare min of at least 7 or 8 year's so I would rather have it right the first time then to be messing around with extra cards down the road. Also if anyone has experience with the msi would be willing to share how long they have had it and how it has been seeing the MSI Z77A-GD65 LGA 1155 Intel Z77 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard with UEFI BIOS that kal recommended has been catching my eye. In the last few day's i've got more then 6 hour's into combing through motherboard's so i don't mind keeping going at this point as I think I'm going to wait for ivy bridge.
Once again sorry about the wall everyone.
TLDR versions
is realtek on-board lan as crappy as I read.
And my asus board's have lasted me 10 or 11 years would an msi ?
Excellent thread mate. Keep up the good work, more powers to you

Pretty much all motherboards except the highest-end uses Realtek, and all lower-end also uses Realtek (except lowest end, which uses either Atheros or VIA). Realtek audio / ethernet is in use by a TON of computers out there.

There's nothing wrong with Realtek generally, but with number of users using Realtek, it's only natural there's also TONS more complaints about Realtek products. I have Realtek on my motherboard, and it maxes out the connection just fine.

I use MSI motherboards (all my motherboards have been MSI), and they are one of the major motherboard manufacturer just like ASUS. As for how long motherboards last, they are all luck. There are tons of users defending ASUS, and you will also see tons of users crying that their ASUS board died in a week.
Good guide - except for the part where you mention Alienware tears all this crap apart!
I don't see where I mentioned Alienware at all in the guide.

Overclocking is hit and miss. Even some of those "overclocking oriented cards" don't overclock too well depending on your luck, despite others doing much better with the same brand of the card.

That said, both DC II and TwinFrozr II should do well, although I'm bit biased toward TwinFrozr II.

560 Ti is a step ahead of 560. However, unless you want as much FPS as possible, there is no need to buy an 560 Ti. A standard 560 would suit you just fine.

ic ic. thank you kal.

i have other questions. do we got thermal paste when we buy the proccesor?
if it yes. is the thermal paste from it good to use? or should i buy new one? and if i should buy a new one, do you have recommended brand?
Stock CPU fan+heatsink that comes with the CPU does have the thermal pad attached at the bottom of the heatsink, so you don't have to buy a separate thermal paste.

If you will not overclock your CPU, you do not need a new thermal paste nor a new CPU fan+heatsink.
It has finally come.

AMD cut the prices on 7970, 7950, and 7770. This will change the graphics card recommendation a bit. For a limited time, they will also give you -3- games (Dirt Showdown, Nexuiz and Deus Ex: Human Revolution with The Missing Link DLC) if you buy it now.

However, since there is no competition for the 7800 series, they remain as they are in terms of price.
What do you think of OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W Modular High Performance Power Supply?

Do you even like OCZ? Lol.

The only thing I may see an issue would be the fact that it has two 12v Rails so the power wouldn't be as high as it could when powering a GPU, to my knowledge at least, as the power would be divided.

It is however a 80 certified and it is on the brink of a bronze.

Taking into account the price range for it on Newegg with a rebate of $25 as well as a promotion code that ends tomorrow that deducts an additional $11, making this a pretty cheap PSU. Yes it is also partially modular, which is also a plus for the lower price tag.

Ah, could the problem with OCZ be the fact that their Mail-In-Rebate has an expiration of 21-days (practically 15)?

What's your opinion?
Newegg hasn't updated the prices on those cards yet =\

Found the link though. Awesome

Radeon 7970 at $479
Radeon 7950 at $399
Radeon 7770 at $139

Any rumors yet when the 7870's nVidia counterpart is supposed to come out?

That particular OCZ power supply is not bad for the price. Not the best power supply choice, but it is decent quality. If you want it, you can go for it.

I wouldn't still buy it though.

By the way, two 12v rails doesn't mean too much, as decent quality power supplies have proper load balance so that no single rail is overloaded.


660 Ti / 670 is not scheduled to arrive until summer.
Stock CPU fan+heatsink that comes with the CPU does have the thermal pad attached at the bottom of the heatsink, so you don't have to buy a separate thermal paste.

If you will not overclock your CPU, you do not need a new thermal paste nor a new CPU fan+heatsink.

Thats good to know, I always wondered about this
Hi Kal, I have an integrated sound card. Recently it has gone bad. When I start the system there is almost no sound, after a while the system starts to pick up the game sound here and there.

It is very choppy and not clear at all. After maybe 30 minutes of playing it kind of gets to normal..but even then it is not clear like it used to be.

If I buy would it solve my issue? If not what do you recommend. I only use my computer for WOW.

PS: I don't know anything about computers.

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