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Death Knight
I currently use the default, but I'm wondering what others use, It's a bit cluttered so I'm trying to change it!post em!
too lazy to post a picture, obviously DBM, with elvui, TSM, auctionator, and magicrunes. i think thats it
Bartender to get rid of art bar and move/hide action bars.

Chinchilla to move/hide the minimap

Elkano's Buff Bars for buffs

Shadowed Unitframes(Currently using)/Pitbull for unitframes(personal, target, target of target) so you can move/show only what you need.

Power Aura's to track CDs and procs so you don't stare at your bars/buffs.

Vuhdo for raid frames, though you could probably do without this as a DK

I have a a small change now, using poweraura, but these are pretty much the exact same.
Damn, some of these look like they take time to set up, haha.
Default. Addons can slow your system down.
04/02/2012 10:08 PMPosted by Leuts
Default. Addons can slow your system down.

Then the addon is broken or you need a new system. Ui from when i was named Judeen. Pretty basic for me but i wount give out my current ui :) Every tank's got his needs or hers in my case.
Default, and I enjoy it. It's how the game was meant to be played, and you can beat anything with it like that. There' no 'need' for the addons.

-shrugs- Just my opinion.

Keeps things clean

DBM is off to the side like the buffs, action bars are hidden as I keybind everything. The one action bar that's visible has my naga binds on it and I put CDs on it, only visible so I can watch that as I haven't set up power aura's for this guy yet.

I don't care about spiffy-ness I like a clean UI heh

EDIT: Oh, vuhdo with raid frames is in the top left corner.

This works really well for me (unholy). Let me know if you'd like any info on any of the addons that I use, etc.
04/02/2012 10:08 PMPosted by Leuts
Default. Addons can slow your system down.

Addons use up roughly; if you use a few at the same time, 10mb of your RAM. It's not much.
That's just a very rough estimate based on a few quick glances in-game.[/IMG]

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