Bloodbath and Beyond is recruiting

Who we are
We are a small guild consisting of friends, families, and individuals who enjoy each others company. We all enjoy raiding, questing, hunting rare pets (for our hunter friends of course), showing everyone the grandeur of the older content WoW has to offer, occasional Alliance slaying, long walks on the beaches of The Great Sea, enjoying the Seafood Magnifique feast prepared by our top chef, but I digress. We hope you will find our company quite pleasant and would join us for some time.

Who's Who
Guild Master- Bridelina (alts: Shiah, Kitingyou, Naturecalled)
Officers- Shananigans (Kungpowchikn), Mamabadaz (Kandycrush), Guspod (Gus named toons or Mendrath), Crackster (Gozilla), and last but certainly no least Candytree (Worgos)!

We currently looking to fill our 10m raid slots but we are accepting all levels and classes at this time.

Raid times
Wednesdays we run older content 7p-9p (no later)
Friday and Saturday we will be running raids 7p-10p (no later)
Sunday is open for optional raid day or achievement runs. Times vary each week.

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