19 twink hunter LF good times

I'm really good...any 19s still here?
I like to party naked
......Kintor's brother?
04/02/2012 10:10 AMPosted by Dksandman

Kintor's brother?......
OneNine died out... LoL too
hey i like to 19
They are still alive!
Lol barely...it's just me and daviddraiman now on ally
I have a mage horde side and rogue/priest ally side. I log on every now and then to pop in a few WSG matches. Add me to friends and lets que sometime :P
my druid with inferno robe and jutebraid
Been using my 19 as a banker. Sad times.
Looking for more twinks for cross realm pre made, there are 4 of us so far that are on and off through out the day. 3 rogues and a hunter. We are also recruiting for a twink guild on scilla server. Our server is dead, very low pop. free to play accounts welcome to as long as you are geared to the max. Send me an in game mail if u want to join. If we fill up ill roll out a twink pally healer and a disc priest combo for the full pre made.
I'm down. I have a fully geared hunter, disc priest, and mage. Let me know.
Påin, let's par-tay.
Lets do it.
LF 19s to que WSG with me.
I know OneNine is the preferred guild for level 19 twinks on Horde side, but I've very recently created a guild in hopes to band together more twink players of other levels (19's welcome). If anyone has a twink and would like to join a guild for fairly regular BG runs, or rustle up some WPvP trouble (i.e. Hellfire Forts, Silithus, EPL, Halaa with 70s, or attack Theremore and other Alliance locations), please whisper or send in-game mail to me. Twinks are a fun pasttime and even more fun in large groups.
twinks aren't a real thing

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