Farming "The Insane"? GET IN HERE!

Bleeding Hollow
Creating a list of those farming the achievement, and what stage, so you can team up for the mob farming if need be.

At the time of posting this, I'm currently working on the bloodsail rep, but only have 4k left to do. Should be on to farming steamwheedle by this eve.

Be sure to post yours!
Working on Ravenholdt to get to 11999/12000 before turning in Lockboxes,
Honored with most of the Steamweadle, Reverd with Gad. already a bloodsail.
Just started seriously working on this a few weeks ago. I have bloodsail and honored with most goblins, way behind on ravenholdt though.
im usually at fray island grinding the goblin rep out
I've been casually working on it - about 1-2 hours a week.

Almost done grinding goblin rep - figured I'd do that first since Loremaster gave me honored reputation with them.

I've got an 85 rogue if anyone is interested in getting lockboxes together/trading for them.

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