When are disconnects being fixed?!

I'm sure you've all experienced it if you arena enough. You're jumping around in the start of arena, you run into a wall, instantly disconnected from the game. Or in other cases, example being on ruins, you can strafe on the side of the tomb and when you collide with it a certain way, you disconnect. It's not my computer because I know many people disconnect when running into walls, it's a known thing. When does blizzard plan to fix this? It's getting ridiculous how many disconnects from the game (not the internet so it is the games problem) happen and cause losses over it.
this is true, on the flat map with the rising pillars, before gate opening;
i was strafe jumping and got insta dc'd right as i touched the right wall.
Game dcs are very comon this expac and is 100% coming from the games end was telling partner in skype "Wtf dc?!" the whole time no internet issues on my end.
anything that isnt qq sinks
Not only walls but fences rocks and all that kinda clutter stuff cause disconnects too.
just got out of a match where the mage blinked into the rising pillar, i got near and DC'd "wtf dude did you get dcd?" 'no' (...)
I have no idea why Blizzard would put Ring of Valor back into the arena map cycle, I know it's been said time again, But that map is just the buggiest thing i have ever had to play with in any game. Sometimes i get pulled under the map by the pillars, Sometimes i DC when I'm standing next to the pillar and it goes up... But the most annoying thing about that map is the pet bugs. Ghoul leap goes on CD but never works and when pets get stuck on the platforms..
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Liked post for blue's attention. I hate this and it is very much an issue. In fact the other night I jumped on a low lvl Hunter thinking I might lvl him for PvP. First dungeon I jumped into I disengaged back and slid along a wall. Instant DC and I'm like yer. Fuk that. Does this happen to hunters in Arena much? I don't see it happen to enemy hunters when I vs them but I would be concerned with losing partners for DCing too much.

This is not only a problem for hunters. I have been disconnected in arenas too. It will happen on sewers also.
This is not only a problem for hunters. I have been disconnected in arenas too. It will happen on sewers also.

It's a problem for everyone, however it does seem to effect hunters more than most since disengage in and of itself works as a jump function. I can charge/blink/port near walls all day as long as I don't jump I'm fine. However, you disengage into a wall and there's a good chance you'll DC every time.

Incredibly frustrating on some maps.
yep, this is a relatively new bug. this + warriors current status tells me blizz wants us talking about MOP, not what we're currently paying for
wonder if i should unbind jump off of space bar, might help?
bump. This !@#$ is %^-*ing rediculous
This is insane and its not just arena its all aspects of the game rofl
Blizzard has minor excuses like business with Diablo 3 and MoP on the way to cover them for the PvP balance at the moment.

But this random DC'ing from running into walls stuff is just a flat game bug and needs to be fixed, as in NOW, losing arena games to stupid stuff like this is quite possibly some of the most infuriating crap at the moment.

ya happens to me alot i like to jump around at the start and i get dced instantly
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ya happens to me alot i like to jump around at the start and i get dced instantly

I've lost sooooo many games because I always partner with healers that love to hop around in the Dalaran tube like a bunny. :(
The DC is annoying, but the real killer is when you get back, sometimes your macros don't work, your Gladius / Frames might not appear, etc.
I thought it was an addon or something. Last time it happened to me was today in Arathi Basin trying to run up the hill at Blacksmith....

Glad to know it's not just me. Hope it gets fixed soon!

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