LF enchant recipes

Hey everyone,

As some may know due to my posts via trade I currently have 97.44% known in game recipes, I am a collector and achievement hunter and working at 100% recipes of all professions among different alts.

The enchant world drops I am missing are as followed.

Chest - Greater Stats
Gloves - Angler
Shield - Lesser Parry
Shield - Parry
Weapon - Battlemaster
Weapon - Potency

If anyone has these enchants via Horde/Alliance please let me know, Thanks!
I thought you had 97.45%. I was mistaken.
There was an update to the addon I use.
Hey just thought I would let you know that Formula: Enchant Gloves - Angler is BoP and easily farmable killing the Indu'le in DragonBlight.

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