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Inception of OL Post, better known as the "grandpa" thread:

Open Libram I: Paladin Weekend Edition -
Open Libram II: Seal of Hairflip -
Open Libram III: Clad in the Light -
Open Libram IV: Edge (Word) of Glory-
Open Libram V: Of Flipping Tables and Hair -
Open Libram VI: My Little Pally -
Open Libram VII: Hammer of What -
Open Libram VIII: Turkey Edition:
Open Libram IX: Go Go Pally Rangers!:
Open Libram X: Tirion Fordring Broke My Heart:
Open Libram XI: Deck the Halls with Tentacles:
Open Libram XII: The Pally Puff Girls!:
Open Libram XIII: The Rowdy Ret Boys!:
Open Libram XIV: Ret Light District:
Open Libram XV: Year of the Dragonslayers:
Open Libram XVI: Have Seal, Will Judge:
Open Libram XVII: 2/02/2012 - Judgement Day:
Open Libram XVIII: You Are Already Nerfed managed to get deleted on it's final page.
Open Libram XIX: Judgement Roulette:
Open Libram XX: Light, Light, Baby!
Open Libram XXI: Crit Machine
Open Libram XXII: Blinded by the Light
Open Libram XXIII: Uther, Take the Wheel
Open Libram XXIV: The Pandarian Candidate
Open Libram XXV: Lady Liadrin's Lounge:
Open Libram XXVI: Emancipation Proclamation:
Open Libram XXVII: Holy Avengers, Assemble!:
Open Libram XXVIII: Return of The Shockadin:
Open Libram XXIX: All My Spells Are Yellow:
Open Libram XXX: Ret, For Her Pleasure:
Open Libram XXXI: For Great Justice:
Open Libram XXXIII: Pally-Con 2012:
OL:XXXIV - Paladin, the Uther White Meat:
OPEN LIBRAM : XXXV - Eternal Fires Burn:
Open Libram XXXVI: On The Wings of a Naaru:
Open Libram XXXVII: Pala-Pile?:
Open Libram XXXVIII - Light and Tangy:
Open Libram XXXIX - Still Thirty-Something!:

***Open Libram 40 discussion:
...why do people no start new Librams when they cap the old ones?! :(

Open Libram XL+I: Pallysize Me:
Open Libram XLII: Dispel This!:
Open Libram XLIII: No One Shocked After Nerfs:
Open Libram XLIV: Bite My Shiny Metal Templar:
Open Libram XLV: The Xtra Light Version!:
Open Libram XLVI: Divinin' Mah Purpose!:


Open Libram on Pageface:

Libram Ponydins as drawn by Lobster:

Vanilla Ret Pally "Melgibsmash":

EDIT: Please only post additional Librams here (in lieu of me doing so), keep the actual discussion in the Librams themselves.

Thank you. ^_^
By advice, Reserved.
Thank you for making this! Make sure that ya'll link this thread in new OL's, so that we keep the memories!
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By advice, Reserved.
One more...
By advice, Reserved.


And Practical has one reserved as well. ^_^
Just incase something ever happens to arth im going to post my threads here.

Open Libram XLIV: Bite my Shiny Metal Templar
Open Libram XLVII: Thanks for all the Waffles

Its actually So Long and Thanks for all the Waffles but i couldnt get it to fit >.<

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