PvP in vanilla WoW vs. PvP we have today

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Shaman at 60 were awesome and it was the last time they have been (albeit I did have a little fun in Cata with my enhanced shaman but nothing like they used to be). I also remember how frustrated I would get in BC at Pallys bubble boy were they incredible and hunters when they were removing ES like crazy man I didnt like to be a Resto Shammy then.

And yes I QQ when I was a mage getting blown up back then now they are soooo much nicer and fun to play
Aside from the nostalgia factor, the vast majority of vanilla PvP was terrible. If you think things are imbalanced right now, we can go back to the good old vanilla days of this if you like:

03/25/2012 06:27 PMPosted by Sagaric
Now this is just my opinion but it was nothing like it used to be 5-6 years ago.

Durr. Of course that's the case. Did you expect 6 years to not result in massive changes to the game?
Vanillla PvP was fun before the prevelence of raid gear. Once raid weapons and trinkets got into PvP it went downhill fast.

I spent countless hours in front of Org and IF dueling. 1v1 wasnt perfectly balanced, but I never felt that any particular class had 0 chance vs another class like it is today.
Vanillla PvP was fun before the prevelence of raid gear. Once raid weapons and trinkets got into PvP it went downhill fast.

I spent countless hours in front of Org and IF dueling. 1v1 wasnt perfectly balanced, but I never felt that any particular class had 0 chance vs another class like it is today.

A lvl 40 hunter questing in STV could catch a 60 rogue in T2 and kite him to death w/ no fear of ever taking damage. While I really enjoyed wpvp and pre xrealm BGs, it was far from balanced, and there were definitely classes that had a counter.
Vanilla wow pvp sucked compared to now

Raiders had a huge gear advantage except against peeps that did the high ranking pvp gear grind. It completely sucked that raiders, who never pvp'd, would have a HUGE gear advantage over someone that just liked to pvp.

There was one shots all over the place and since there no arena/rbg there was not much of a voice asking for balance changes. Patches happened rarely so peeps would stay OP forever.

Only thing I miss was being able to q for 2 bg's and leave a bg when the other q popped. Made it awesome for dodging premades and bad games.

I still had fun in it but bliz improved pvp quite a bit over the last few years. I guess it was also nice having a simpler system and less keybinds/abilities. So much cc/silences now.
Low level vanilla PvP was awesome in every bracket 19's 29's ect. I had a hunter and a holy priest. Would get up to the top level in the bracket and play there for like a week straight. Both were geared very well. Twinked out even before there was such a thing with PvE gear. Hills Brad Foothills was the place for open world PvP. You could actually protect a healer back then. I like the new PvP leveling up in it but I do miss the good ol' days.

By 1.12 if you hadn't done Onyxia, MC or ZG then you didnt deserve to be competitive.

don't know about "deserve"

Just completely wack that you had to raid to be competitive in pvp. A LOT of pvp'ers find raiding incredibly mind numbingly boring and wouldn't do any raiding. They still "deserve" to have a grind that ends with competitive gear. Which is how bliz has changed it in years since because everyone deserves a grind that they enjoy to become competitive.
What I do miss about Vanilla WoW was the world pvp. I had many good times at Crossroads, Southshore, and Tarren Mill. I also miss Rogues killing themselves from my retribution aura and Warriors trembled before me lol. I remember running a lowbie 35 priest guildy thru SM and we had to run all the way from Southshore. On the way there we were attacked by a 60 warrior. I ended up beating him as a level 53 pally and he couldnt touch my guildy because of Blessing of Protection lol. After killing him just a little past Shadowfang Keep, we continued our journey to SM. Right before I made it to the instance portal, I just happened to turn around and saw that the Warrior had followed us and probably wanted revenge. He was running towards me and I laughed at him and jumped in the instance right before he could touch me.

I also miss when opponents didn't know how to use their interrupts on me while I casted a 2.5 second heal in their face!

However, casters of any kind demolished me and if it was a shaman, I had bubble hearth on standby!

I wouldn't want to return to those days though. Gaining ranks were a chore. Between college, homework, and work I was grinding. I was so close to Knight lieutenant on my Mage (pally depression got to me) before they took ranks away. I know I wouldn't have been able to go any further than that with my other obligations, not to mention my party time on weekends.
As much as I enjoyed PvP in Vanilla on my Lock, specifically AV and AB, I do like the pvp now. I just wish, with the ability to not queue for specific BGs now, that they would remove the reinforcements from AV. I think the removal would do a lot to turn it back into an actual Battleground.
PVP has spirallad out of control since BC. It started since x realm BGs where implemented. To the state it is in now, absolute rubbish. Also during vanilla, healers where not top of the dps.
nowadays much more.

While each class had it's own little niche which was kind of fun

Rogue stunlocks,
Mages controls
Warlock (after patch 1.8) being very hard to kill if speced demo , fear, if destruction you had insain burst.
Warriors either being faceroll or oneshotting everyone due to gear scaling
druids sucking at everthing but FC
Paladin reckstack or just being a very annoying pocket healer
Spriests, being unkillable and having SW:P take 70% of my HP
Shamans in general
Hunters burst on cloth and leather

i'd still rather pvp now. Why? i guess it's just because i have more spells, my gear isn't as bad as top players and there's no more free action potions BS.
Absolutely loved vanilla PvP.....my favorite era of this game for a myriad of reasons. From amazing world PvP to no resilience to people just fighting it out for FUN pre honor system to especially the epic, massive war campaign of old Alterac Valley, nothing will ever approach the fun I had in this game as back during that time.

To me, these days PvP is as fun as eating fire ants soaked in bile and sewage.
Classic: Actual "stunlocks," frequent one-shotting, insane imbalance between classes. Only redeeming factor was a sense of community and lightheartedness in the PvP.

Cataclysm: Extreme variation in class strength, strong encouragement to communicate to cycle CCs to score kills. Offset by certain classes having extreme burst, PvE items becoming widely used because of how large of an advantage they offer, and the average PvPer being a complete !@#$%^.

I'm not fond of either. I think they had it the closest to being right in Seasons 7 and 8. PvE gear had an iron grip on both of those seasons as it had on all the past and future seasons, though.

Pretty much think you nailed it.

People forget what a one-shot-gank-fest Vanilla PVP was.
Classes were balanced around Rock , Scissors, Paper and not balanced around Arena Comp!

Everyone has a chance against everyone, but you always had a class that you needed to play flawless to beat!

The Grind for honor was awesome checking daily to see whom you were beating and fighting with that person in BGs for the lead. BG's actually were played to their fullest IE: AV people turned in Blood and summoned Lothakar and Ivan...

Titles on players meant something, even if it was honor grinding that dude did a Crap ton to get the title as an individual! Now its all premades acting like they individually are good.

I miss Vanilla Pvp!
IMO vanilla pvp was purely FUN. in BC it became challenging while at the same time back then many different comps worked and was just all round better imo. where now... if you're cought without a mage, you're screwed.
Pre BG Vanilla was the most fun.

People PvP'd at the various faction towns for fun. Huge glorious battles that moved back and forth between SS and TM.

Now they do BGs to grind honour.

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