Girth Sales - SOLD OUT

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04/16/2012 02:16 PMPosted by Fatbutt
Could it be he/she hasn't purchased from you because he/she did state you guys wiped for a while

We haven't had any complaints from buyers. And it's clearly a troll: how could said person "carry" us if they've never purchased anything? :P

This weekend is booked, next weekend is pending.
i've heard nothing but things about this
Zou bisou bisou
up, next weekend booked with deposit
May 5 booked with deposit
/wonders if we should do deposits too
04/20/2012 09:56 PMPosted by Digerati
/wonders if we should do deposits too

They certainly help with buyers no-showing.
May 12 booked, May 19 pending
Sure is a lot of demand for these. Maybe it's cause Sargeras is cheaper than most servers for it, and it is a pretty sweet mount.
I'll be transferring off my backwater server in the first week of may and would like to take may 19th if possible.
May 19th is open but I'm unsure for how long - get us a deposit and we're happy to reserve it for you immediately. Next available date after that is June 2.

Edit: May 26th is booked and 19th is no longer pending.
In b4 July
We're booked until June now too. WTB twice a week FL reset like Korea has

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