MOP Demonology Warlock PVP!

I would like to hear people's opinions on whether or not Demo pvp will be good in 1v1 or 2's arena? I would also like to hear how you would spec and Glyph for Demo pvp in Mop. This might finally be our time to shine!!! SL/SL in BC, Destro in Wotlk, Affliction in Cata and now I'm praying Demo will be the pvp spec in Mop!!!
Since in Meta all our demon summons are instacast, and Blood Fear is on a separate DR:!011000

Or if you really like kiting (which doesn't make sense as demo):!010201

Now for RBGs I think I'll use tank glyph and use:!200200
Which pet do you think will be the best choice in a 1v1 situation?
03/26/2012 01:20 AMPosted by Onlyblackguy
do you think will be the best choice in a 1v1 situation?

Against a magic user: Observer
Shivan gives another CC on a different DR though...

Wrathguard would give ridiculous damage with Wrathstorm.

FelImp/Voidlord are useless.

I would go Wrathguard.
03/26/2012 06:11 AMPosted by Baalsamael
FelImp/Voidlord are useless.

Does the Voidlord not have disarm or am I mistaken? And the imp will still have a defensive dispel.
I have no expereince with 3's or 5's yet, but demo is looking to be the best in 2's, especially for two dps teams. Personally, I play destruction and try to pair up with a healer, love the burst capability.
Voidlord has disarm, just have to bind it.
Grim of Service is best for pvp hands down. Having that extra on demand burst+the stun when summoned using double Fel Guard is VERY strong.

But yes in a 1v1/2v2 scenario demo is the best pvp spec in most cases. Once you get into 3s/5s afflic gets better from what I understand
11/16/2012 10:02 AMPosted by Sxö
Actually demo shines in 3s an 5s far more than affliction r destruction. In 2s your beat bet is doing them with another dps class because demo burst by itself isn't always enough

Agreed, I was just told I may need to go afflic for 3s for dispell protection with UA. I guess that's about it though. Demo is still really strong in all brackets. Especially if you manage to get double chaos wave off with cds up when the other team is stacked
basically Demo takes the idea of the Glass Cannon and turns it into a Cannon made of Steel and the bones of our enemies.

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