Synthesis (10m) LF DPS.

Synthesis currently is in need of a DK (DPS) and a Warlock for our weekly clear of DS 10 (normal). Please be competent in your class and understand the following:
-Raids are Tuesday 8-11.
-Silenced has a bigger %@%% than you. Guaranteed.

If you're interested, Please post here or send myself, Silenced, or Pawlie and tell.
How awesome u guys have a raid spot open!!! If only I had a DPS spec I would be all up in ur face!
yall know im down if yall raided like at 11pm--

but than again i work 5pm-3am some days than 2pm-11pm others... now i fall asleep and wonder wtf happen to my whole day, i think i have that split shift disorder

bump ^ anywho
wut wut with the Bump Bump!

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