Some Links Not Becoming Clickable?

Website Bug Report
Just made another post, and yeah, still happening. First two made into anchor links, rest are fine.

Blue replies would be nice. Give a blue account to someone who works in this area, eh? :)
Any help here Blizzard? :s

I'll be updating my guide as well come 5.0.1, and...

04/05/2012 06:07 PMPosted by Elethia
Surprisingly, I've managed to keep the table of contents in my guide thread intact, but now I'm reluctant to touch it, for fear of breaking it. :(

... yeah.

My table of contents has survived without edits for the past 5 months somehow, but I can't get through 5.0.1 like this. We need more than two hyperlinks per forum post, if only for stickies and nothing else.

( ).
( ).
( ).

Same thing happening here.
There's a depressing lack of blue posts in a forum devoted to bug reports. >_>
Hi. This is still a problem. Please fix it. Please. Pretty please. I will go down on my hands and knees and beg. My OCD is killing me every time I see a list of links and only 2 of them are actual links.

MoP is coming, and with it lots of new stickies. Please fix this before the new stickies go up.

9 days until the linkocalypse. u_u
I keep daydreaming that a huge forum overhaul is in the works, and that this problem going away will be just one of a humungoid number of imminent, amazing forum changes that will leave us dumbfounded in awe and wonderment and happitude.
Whoever you are, out there in the big blue world, please tell the person or people who finally fixed this... thank you.
Thank you. So very, very much.

That is all.

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