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my idea is also based off of the auto loot system by the way where there is no need/greed option but is instead distributed based on need according to the games pre thought out class/spec needs
Not sure if Blizz pays any attention to this, but either way I'm going to say my piece.

First, I'm in the Beta, and the aoe looting is pure awesome. One of the best ideas since the idea for World of Warcraft.

The other loot changes, sadly, don't sound like they are going to help anything. All it will really accomplish is making it harder to gear up an off spec and redirecting the nerd rage towards Blizzard and sheer bad luck. It's a good attempt, but doomed to pretty much absolute failure just because it doesn't check to see if you already have the item or even if it's better than what you have. They way you have made it sound, I go into a five man, we down boss, I'm chosen to win loot even though I'm raid geared and don't need anything, thus people in the group who need it still don't get loot. Not really a change from the current system.

My theory for the lack of any real change is that you all realize that the current loot system is fine, there are no problems with it. The problem is in the player base. Too many can not be counted on to not abuse the honor system, and with cross realm dungeons/raids, there are no social repercussions. There are also no repercussions from Blizzard. That is where the fundamental problem lies, and it's a problem almost every company, regardless of industry, has. The customer's money is the priority. However, I doubt you will lose much if you put "ninja looting" into the ToS and after x number of offences, ban players. You will lose some, but you would also gain players looking for a safe haven where they no longer feel like being the nice guy/girl is a detriment.

Just my ideas/views on the subject, I now leave it to those of you at Blizz, the few who agree, and the trolls who will attack the idea.
Kind of sound like. Great job you killed a boss, take this crap you have no choice now get the hell out. Want to play again?

Before everyone hates on me THIS IS SARCASTIC.
Hopefully they have figured out how to give death knight tanks dps weapons... I dont need a 1h tanking weapon given to me every raid.
Is is possible to expand the new looting rules not only to RF but also to regular raids?

Reason For:
I have been in a couple of raids already where no matter if you win a roll, since the game is in master looter set up, the piece of gear and/or equipment goes to a certain player... just because hes been QQing about it or the raid leader believes the gear should go to that player since it would "benefit the guild" even though we have cleared DS 20,000 times already.

This event happen recently as I was raiding with my guild. I was playing with my hunter and the Hunter/Druid staff dropped off Deathwing. My hunter won the roll but the guild leader and the raid leader decided to give it to the druid tank... Now, I'm not selfish. If this is the first or second time we down DS I would gladly relinquish the weapon to make a stronger tank... BUT, when you down DS so many times that you can afford to go on alts and still one shot it... well that's another set of potatoes!!!

I decided not to say anything to them a) because i was tired, and b) i guess you have to learn to pick your fights... I was totally against the new looting rules for the new expansion... but after reading about it and seeing this happen, I truly believe that this new system, if expanded to regular raid, would make the raid more enjoyable and fun for everyone... instead of having situation that make you want to quit the game... Also, we can even add a trade system, where if I receive something that I know would benefit the guild more if someone else has it, I can trade it even though I won it.

I hope this is taken into consideration by Blizzard and sorry for the long post...

I don't have a problem with the new loot system but you need to be able to BUY gear with valor. Not everyone, in fact I would assume most, are not in guilds that can down all the bosses. You will make this an elite guild fraction game which will eventually turn others off. It will make it almost impossible for alts to get decent gear as well since top raiding guilds expect your main toon to be in the raid and not sub alts. Who would run their alts through dungens and lfr just for the rare chance of getting loot? You can only run lfr once each week. There are many times people get nothing and that is expected but at least you get valor.

This game was originally designed to play as an individual or in a guild. You seem to be moving away from that type of play which I believe will cost you subscriptions. WotLK pushed you more into guilds. Cat makes it almost manditory. Seems Mist will now make it manditory. People will leave. Maybe that is why the total number of subscribers has decreased.

On the issue of peer pressure on roll make all loot from bosses in lfr bound to whoever picks it up, can not trade, not sellable and can not disenchant it making it worthless to anyone who can not use it therefore no one should roll for something they cant use. This should also stop 'friends' from rolling on loot and then just giving it to someone or rolling in the hopes of trading for something at the end.
I think the best way to implement the new system is to have the player pick which spec he would like LFR loot to drop. For example, a paladin might want to go from Prot/Ret to Prot/Holy, and if he's already a geared tank (Prot) and a geared Ret, he/she may want Holy gears to drop instead, at least the roll would not be wasted. I also think the the pass function is needed for those who don't need the gear from a specific boss's loot table. For Valor, I think its best to put some gear in but not in all slots, preferably the neck, wrist, ring, offhand, boots, and trinket slots (3 slot types per tier would do) and if possible make them BOE.
Naomi is a hunter. That made my day hahaha.
I think that the new personal loot thing sounds really cool-i like the idea of only getting gear appropriate for your class
I like the way you handled the various complaints by many players in one fell swoop, no more will you get the begging of someone who's down on their luck, or hear the lovely "roll mod" comment. Kill boss maybe you win some maybe you don't it's blizzards fault either way! Like the parent who tells the child to blame them this actually should work quite well.

Valor - Thank you for changing valor! It will be nice to see someone in tier once again and know they raided for it instead of running dungeons for a bit and bam they have top of the line gear * minus heroic mode *

Nicely done keep up the good work!
The new loot system doesn't check to see if you already have the item or even if it's better than what you have.
The current loot system doesn't check to see if you already have the item or even if it's better then what you have.

Currently, when the boss dies, the drops are entirely random and you might already have the items and they might not be better then what you already have.
04/15/2012 06:26 AMPosted by Doriil
Is is possible to expand the new looting rules not only to RF but also to regular raids?
Add an option? I would like this. To be the ONLY option? I would not like this.

Alot of guilds prefer to use their OWN loot rules, and having the option to use Master Looter allows them to do this.
I would definitely like to see it as an option for raiding outside of world bosses and LFR. Exactly like "need before greed" and "group loot" are now.
At first glance, i was in total opposition with the new Valor points system. A lot of us are accustomed to the current Valor vendors gear, which is a fairly equilibrated system.

But when we consider the new raid loot system (i.e. kill boss and get a chance to receive an useable gear piece for your class) and the viable Raid Finder concept from Cata, then do we really need the current Valor vendors selling raid gear for the next xpac ?
I'm wondering because it would now seems a bit redundant. (buying 391 gear with Valor vs looting 384 raid gear under Raid Finder).

However i'm worried about the big increase in dungeons and raids difficulties we're used to see EVERY new xpac.
(I remember well the Dev Watercooler's sarcastic 'Wow, Dungeons are Hard!' 2-3 months after Cataclysm was released, to justify how well-founded were the large increase in content's difficulty).
We, the casuals, had then to wait 9-12 months after Cata release to be able to really enjoy it after some nerfed contents which enraged the ellitists jerks (who honestly i dont care)

Now, with MoP, i just got the feeling this cycle will start again.
The only flaw I see in this is one thing.

Players who already have the equivalent or better gear then LFR can still be chosen to get a piece of gear that would be useless to them. Where all they would do is just sell it after the raid is over. Just screwing the chance of someone who actually needs an item.

Maybe making it so as the system can read like this.

LFR shoulders drop-
Random player 1 was targeted, has 10man shoulders equipped.
-player does not need item, has better item lvl-
Selects random player 2 targeted, has Heroic Dungeon piece equipped.
-player 2 wins, needing item more-

And for those who want to gear their Offspec.. QUE as your offspec.
Yet another reason not to buy the new expansion pack. Sorry but I don't like the idea of the game or big brother deciding what gear is good for my character. That totally kills WoW for me thanks for making the decision easier. Good night World of Warcraft, I have just drove the last nail into your coffin.
The CURRENT SPEC part is awesome. That was really the most frustrating part of seeing loot stolen - was when someone took it because "their main spec is tank" or "their main spec is healer" but they didn't bother to QUEUE as one (which slows the queue down for the REST of us who are normally in a DPS spec).

Finally, we get credit for playing the same spec enough to know it like the back of our hand, and not just "whatever is easier" at that time.

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