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04/17/2012 06:05 PMPosted by Bojackunboun
I think this is a great system, but it seems to be totally asinine to say that you can get the same item twice. Isn't that the whole point of making most weapons and rings unique? I mean wtf?

The point of making weapons, rings, and trinkets unique was to keep you from equipping two of them. Later, Blizzard developed the ability to make items unique-equipped, so now you rarely see equipment that's simply "unique" anymore.
Suggestion: If a player already has everything on the loot table that might drop for him, award an equivalent item to someone else, so the undergeared folks will have an increased chance to get stuff when running with those who don't need the items (as-is now when most pass on what they don't need).
This could be a good catch-up mechanism, but then, it could encourage players to just hold off and start running later, after everyone else has geared up..

Or, if I'm raiding as enhance in RF, I'll never be able to build a resto set because only spec-appropriate gear will drop for me?

Suggestion: Let us select an alternate spec for gear allocation. If I'm overgeared for the instance as Enhance, but don't have enough good resto gear to heal the run, let me register to receive what I need, not what I have already.
(I could start healing lower level raids, but if no one is running them any more.. )
"choices no longer exist. The game decides"

A key reason I think this is fail is because you have predicated it on the idea that what players really want is fewer choices and for the game to do things without our interaction.
It's sad that Blizzard has to take such measures, but understandable. The classic Need/Greed system which served us so well over the years was working fine, untill the introduction of cross real dungeons and raiding. Anonymity leads to lack of care for personal reputation, so people felt free to be the douchebags they always wanted.

My suggestion is, premade LFR groups should be given the option to toggle the classic Need/Greed system. This will encourage players from the same realm group to raid together.
"choices no longer exist. The game decides"

A key reason I think this is fail is because you have predicated it on the idea that what players really want is fewer choices and for the game to do things without our interaction.

Don't try to make it sound like this is the case across all of WoW. This is only for LFR. LFR raiders lost the privilege of choice because said raiders, by and large, were acting like irresponsible little kids. If they're going to act like kids, Blizzard will treat them like kids, so that the more responsible LFR raiders don't suffer. And if you want to be more adult and have your choices, then normal and heroics are still for you.

Nobody's trying to imply that people don't want choices; there were just too many people abusing it.
i agree to, as the other day i was on my hunter, (which uses mail) and some shoulders drooped, i hit need, however, the other hunter (which had better shoulders then i) also hit need, he won i still had my bloodthirsty PVP shoulders, he also desired to be a mule-head and leave party before i could ask for them, in this way i like the new loot system for dungeon finder/raid finder, as not only i but others get the loot they want without ninja-ing it.

(curses to auto correct for the misspellings)
I also don't really like that "the game" decides what stats on an item are appropriate to my class/spec.

Like in the t12 gloves for example. The resto druid gloves were crit/mastery, while the boomkin gloves were spirit/haste. Granted I would have reforged the spirit into mastery, as a resto druid I would benefit far more from having the stats on the boomkin gloves than the ones on resto. (Come on. CRIT?! Why would you ruin a perfectly good piece of gear... same with the 378 belt from the FL rep vendor. Perfectly good belt until you get to the useless crit. As a healer, I'd rather have consistently good heals, than the possibility that my heals crit for 60k when my tank is already at full health, as opposed to the consistent ability to pull him back up from 10k health in a predictable way. I realize that spirit isn't an ideal stat for a resto druid either, but imo it's a hell of a lot better than CRIT.)

So if, using this new system, "the game" decides that my healer boots will have Spirit/Crit, and those are the ONLY boots that will be auto-looted to a resto druid...

Then I ask that you make it possible to reforge 100% of both !@#$ty stats. (or come up with a better loot method)
No valor gear = no gear for me.. Once I've maxed out on 5-man drops, there will be no reason left for me to play the game.
I was planning to renew for MoP, but I may just save myself the cost of the game and a few months subscription time instead..
Currently, it's an issue because a bunch of guildies can all roll need with the aim of gearing up a friend in the raid,greatly reducing other players' chances of winning items they need.
Now, with no need rolls, there should be no reason to disallow trading, since everyone has the same opportunity.
However, in the new system, new, undergeared players have a lower chance of catching up quickly, since there will be no pass or trade options to give them additional chances at gear.
to which I say Fugubar - obviously bliz doesn't really care about what we think or about us that much at all in general because this thead is over 70 pages long and the only blue post in it is the OP yet magically there are other posts they will start responding to within the first 10 post. So obviously this is a unimportant issue with them and they just herded up to this thread to make it that much easier to ignore it and us.
I project Mr. Blizzard will regain back their 400 or so thousand players they lost recently as they release this new expansion but will lose another million after 6 months of experiencing Raid Finder through harsh time consumption and fruitless efforts by players with this new loot system. Sorry Mr. Blizzard but you are heading the wrong direction once again. All you had to do was make loot unavailable to those who have already obtained the particular piece and expand the loot table with new items. Get ready to lay off another 500 from your team Mr. Blizzard and make sure that includes the clueless crab.

Making already owned loot unavailable, and adding more loot pieces to the pot, as well as more diversity of classes that get loot sounds good also. Never covered in my post that since they have already posted the new loot system.

And didn't think they would change it. But, this is a bear of a programming problem to solve. And, I am sure none of this is easy for them.

It will be interesting to see the final loot system in xpac. I agree that until then we won't really know how fast or slow it will be. But items not specific to class has always slowed getting gear down, so imo planned changes in the new system will help get gear faster.

Not an easy job for Blizzard developing a game like this.
Since we can't trade these items, would it be possible to have a choice of "disenchant" for tokens?

You know, just in case I get the same item week after week and it becomes more valuable as an enchant item.
Really liking the new systems being implemented I also think that raid finder and heroic dungeons shouldn't give you epic gear. It should give you good gear, good enough to progress but the epics should only drop from actual raids not LFR . In my opinion this would bring the EPIC back in purple. other than that I think what you are doing with v
Valor points and they Elders and Craftsmen will play out nicely.
We like random loot being random, as long as it isn’t so frustratingly random that you stop enjoying the experience.

Actually this is my biggest problem with random loot in World of Warcraft. I ran Forge of Souls 34 times on my Warrior tank to get that one damn tanking plate belt off of the Devourer of Souls. Do you know how often it dropped? 0 times. NONE. I don't even mean it dropped and a dps death knight stole it from me, I mean it didn't drop at all.

Similar story with the STR DPS trinket off of Archbishop Benedictus in Hour of Twilight. Think I ran it on my dps Warrior about 20 times. How often did that STR trinket drop? -0- times.

I can't even count the amount of times I ran Trial of the Champion for IL200 items like the trinkets I needed only for them to either never drop, or drop after 30 or 40 runs. I find the random loot system to be so crazy that I find it broken and EXTREMELY frustrating and unfun. I just do not think that items that literally NO ONE in the party can use should even drop off the boss.

And don't even get me started on how long I raided 25-man Trial of the Crusader to get the Belt of the Merciless Killer to complete my Tier 9 look. I NEVER got it, and then Cataclysm launched and I couldn't find anyone to ever do TOC 25 with me ever again on my Rogue.

While I agree that everyone getting the exact items they want each time would be a little ridiculous and kill dungeoneering and raiding because people wouldn't have to do it for very long, I find that the system in place right now is the other end of the extreme.

What I'd like to see with the loot system is either for everything to be purchasable with Justice/Valor (so you can get everything you want eventually), or for there to be some kind of mechanic that -counts- the amount of times you've killed a boss or cleared content and not gotten an item you can use that then makes it more likely that you'll get an item the more times you haven't gotten it.

Basically a streak-breaker mechanic like the one implemented for quest item drops.
i love the idea about not buying tier gear with valor! that has happened to me where the boss just will not drop my stuff, but i still have raid finder i can do, and that drops stuff for me usaly ;p. but also i do not think if i read this right, that u shud be able to upgrade normal gear to heroic level gear just using valor points. mabey make it come kind of close to heroic level gear, but not heroic gear. like if heroic ilevel is 485, make the normal upgraded version 478 or 480. but i also think that u should be able to upgrade the heroic gear to, to like a 495 or something like that. but i do like how MOP is going so far! i can wait untill it realeses!
I would love to experience this new looting you speak of, but alas I haven't got a BETA, if however I was gifted with such a thing I would be able to provide most helpful feedback to make this system work as smoothly as possible ;)
Woohoo! :) I'm excited - no more LFR loot forums (but I'm sure someone will still complain for some reason :/)! Also, I'm excited for the area looting :)
I am not a number to be dictated by blizzard on what i need and don't need.
This sounds cool, I'm just hoping along with a lot of others that people already geared perhaps have a "pass on loot" option. If someone is fully geared and running the raid to help out or just have fun, they should be able to chose to NOT get one of the few epic items, so that someone who needs it can upgrade. Otherwise a lot less people will be running raids, which just makes it harder for people raiding later on.

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