WTS Grell Imp, Puffer Fish, Cub, Landro pets

WTS Grell Imp, Puffer Fish, Nightsaber Cub, Landro's Lichling, and Landro's Lil' XT pets.

10k gold each.

Make your way to the 150 pet plateau for the Celestial Dragon pet reward, Pets for even the novice collector, or the hardcores aiming at the 175, and 200+ plateaus.

Post in this thread or contact me and in game. We can do the trade while over vent or mumble, as well, for added security.Available pets:

Purple Puffer

Nightsaber Cub

Landro's Lichling

Landro's Lil' XT


Grell Moss (Temporarily Out of Stock - Will acquire upon request)
Hey Prot!!! /hug
Hi! <3
<3 That Purple Puffer fish pet is awesome! I have one and anyone who doesn't want it should just quit! ;)
I am interested in both pets.
Added you to friends, Calypsa. We'll deal when I can catch you online/we meet.

Still have a couple of each pet available.
I would like to buy both pets if you still have any available.
Pleasure dealing with many of you so far.

Aye, Cerri. Added you to friends, hopefully we meet in game soon.

More pets available.
Thanks Cerri.

More Grell Imps and Puffer Fish available.
Nightsaber Cub, Landro's Lichling, and Landro's Lil' XT now also available, along with Grell Moss and Purple Puffer pets.
Thanks Afi.

Aye, all pets still available.
Indeed, pets listed in OP still available.
Current listed pets still available. Post in this thread or reach me in-game via whisper/mail.
Bump for pet achievements, and WoWpokemon!
Still have several pets in stock.

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