Warlock LF a TTh morning/afternoon guild

Like the topic says, I play a warlock and I'm looking for a guild that raids Tuesdays and Thursdays anytime from around 11am to 3pm. A "little bit" after 3pm is fine for me, but I really can't do anything earlier than 11am. I play on other days and times too, but nothing I can commit to weekly.

About me—I started playing during the TBC era and played on and off since then. I took a long break and just came back last week or so from the SoR offer (don't worry, I've been playing this lock since TBC) and got myself up to lvl 85 and currently ilvl 376 from running heroics nonstop. I've done LFR once (only been back for about a week remember) and am 8/8 on that if it means anything.

I'm looking for a nice guild to run DS with and maybe do some heroic achievements with. I like to have fun when I'm playing a game so I'm looking for a guild with that same personality and mindset too. I'm 24 if that matters at all.

Take care and see you all in game.

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