Herald of the titans

I just got this character to 80, and im getting him some gear now...also interested in the tanking spot, hit me up.
atm im looking for ppl who have the gear and are pretty much ready to go as the run will be this weekend
we are almost full for this weeks run are needing either a sham healer (pref any other class will be considered) and 1 tank or Dps please get back to me asap if u are able to fill these rolls

run is confirmed for 10 am SAT Australian time if u are in US then this will be a Friday afternoon for you you will have to check the timezones u are in and let me know if this time is suitable the run itself takes 20-30 min
Still need 1 tank or a shaman Heals pst let me know asap for this weekends run
Bump^ still need 1 tank 1 heals for this weekends run
Disc priest, good at class, lots of xp on the fight, downed it in wrath pre icc
dps, geared and knows the fight, good deeps.
if you still need dps letme know
RiD- yogg.saron@yahoo.com (put in message herald run organizer please)
currently in need of 1 healer or tank for this weeks run please leave a way for me to contact u so we can got this organized asap
I can tank, i already have the acheiv and i might have a sham healer (silverhawkwrestling119@hotmail.com)
nice ive added you to real id please accept so we can get this organized asap
ok most spots are filled for this week please keep posting as this is a weekly run so leave your spec/class or leave your real id or log on Frostmourne and send me a in game mail with it so i can get back to you for further runs
another successful run this week pls post again if u are interested in next weeks run
I've been working with my guildies, gearing up.

Just wondering from those who have done Herald of the Titans, how my gear is looking from a tanking perspective.
your gear is fine the fight has been dumbbed down a fair but since it was current with tanks and healers being able to stack mastery u might want to use proper wolk gems they can be easily obtained with Jp and u can use blue cata chants for pants
I'm a disc priest and have a DK Tank friend, both good to go, geared and such.
let me know
i know comp wise, the two priests may be crappy, but I would love to finally knock this one out
have all flasks, gems, and pots/food.
I have been doing some working gearing this toon for this achievement, I realise I'm not Horde but will happily transfer for this run, the only thing I am unsure of is what day, as I have sporting commitments several nights a week...
To top it off I am generally on beta atm but I will check back here for any more info, thanks.

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