mobile app confused with transmog gear...

Mobile Bug Report
When I click on the upgrade button for the thornwood staff, which is transmog'd to 'staff of infinite mysteries' I get upgrade options for the transmog gear, not the thornwood staff.
I just checked the upgrade button on your profile in both Android and iOS, and it looks to be behaving properly. This may have been a temporary problem on the server.
Thank you for your response, would you permit me a rebuttal? If you mean to say that a Feral Druid should pick "Ti'tahk, the steps of Time" as an upgrade from "The Thornwood Staff" over "Kiril, fury of the beasts" I would say either I wasn't clear enough in my original post or you didn't check to see that Ti'tahk has Intellect as a stat. Furthermore, this only just recently changed as I did at one point have "Kiril" as an upgrade recommendation from the App. The only change I made was that I added a transmog to my current staff. Are you saying that a feral druid should have Intellect as a primary stat? So once more I'd like to state that the upgrade options for my staff are incorrect. (I checked once more prior to writing this sentence.)
Kiril is a polearm, so it will not show as an upgrade for the Thornwood Staff. Sorry if I wasn't clear, but the item you have transmoged (Staff of Infinite Mysteries) is iLvl 115 and the Upgrade range for your Thornwood Staff is in the proper range (iLvl 378+).

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