Champions of Light ((RP-PVP))

Emerald Dream
Hail, friends. I am Derek Valorheart, Lord Imperator of the Champions of Light.

The Champions of Light is a most righteous order, comprised of those who have completely devoted themselves to a higher authority. We protect the weak and innocent from the Horde onslaught, and inflict furious retribution upon those who would impose despair upon otherwise peaceful lands.

I appeal to you, my friends, that you might scour the deepest recesses of your soul, and bring forth your courage, your faith, and your might.

Join our noble brotherhood, and lend your strength to our holy cause. As a blazing torch illuminates a cold and endless night, so the Light's will guides us along the Righteous Path toward glorious victory.

By the strength of the Light, may your enemies be undone.
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By the Light, let it be so.
Glory to the Alliance!
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