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Emanation is a new with players 5/8 -7/8 Heroic EXP and substantial Experience in previous Content. 15 of the raiders have defected from a previous that decided they wanted to return to 10man raiding. Our goal is to become a hardcore raiding Guild . For anyone wanting to give 25mans a try this is guild the to do it in!


Our guild prides itself on a mature during raids and any applicant is expected to encourage this atmosphere. We do have fun but when its progression time we need everyone to knuckle down and focus to progress in the content.

The loot we plan on implementing is EPGP so that we are able to fairly distribute loot to the most deserving players. This also allows us to reward exceptional play.

Currently We are recruiting

1 Warlock
2 Shadow Priest
1 Blood DK
2 Resto Shamans
1 Holy Paladin
1 Resto Druid

All applicants must have previous High end Content experience and display
of commitment to the and progression. We also expect our to be active
outside of raiding and RBGS.

Our Raid days are Wednesday Monday Sunday 7.30pm-11pm GMT+10

What can you expect when raiding with our ?

Emanation offers a mature social enviroment in which everyones oppinion in progression
is valid to a degree and imput taken on board. We will assist our in most from Professions to enchants to gear.

is also home to some of the Best RBG'ers in the world containing Multiple
Grand Marshels and 2700+ Players, we are always seeking execptional players for our PVP
section of our and this can be arranged though contacting VSVP in game. With the formation of our new we will be seeking players to rebuild our RBG team.

If you have any questions about you can contact Myself in game or at Bozqt93@gmail.com

Any other officers will also assit you if i am unable to be contacted!
04/02/2012 03:49 PMPosted by Asvp
Our Raid days are Wednesday Monday Sunday 7.30pm-11am GMT+10

Damn that's one long raid ;)
edited. now u look silly ;)
Lies! I have the quote to prove otherwise!
^ Exceptional Healers Req
Another Alliance 25 man >.>

Sad face :(
calling all exceptional blood dk's! apply, so I dont have to go prot =D
Orchy are we going to hang in Dalaran this weekend?? I need a long overdue drink!!
Smashed an easy 5/8heroic 10man this week hoping for 25man next!

Need Exceptional healers Still!
bump for great justice
GL, need more 25man guilds in the oceanic scene.

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