Next wave of beta invites?

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I know that several days ago, Blizzard sent out three waves of 100,000 beta invites, for a total of 300,000 invites sent out so far. My assumption was that these waves would continue rather frequently over the course of days so everyone had their invites. However, no more invites have been sent (or no announcement for such has been made) since those initial 300,000 like 3 days ago.
Therefore, I'd like to ask: When are more invites being sent out? I hate to sound impatient, but I'd reeeeeeeally like my beta key lol
When I saw they were giving out more invites, I went to check my e-mail with hope.
To my surprise, I got a beta invite... to D3.
04/03/2012 02:53 AMPosted by Jerakk
Keep on waiting OP. You're queued in line behind a few million others. Just be patient.
!@#$, i thought it was just around one million, not a few??? >=/

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