[A] Enh/FireMage/SVHunter 380+ LFG

Basically what the title says, I have 3 toons of which I would raid on any and I'm looking for a permanent raiding home here on Korgath. I can play any of the toons well and would be willing to respec the Shaman if asked for a spot.

Would prefer a 25man guild but if you're a 10man guild and fit my schedule make sure to drop me a line. Cannot raid Wens/Fri/Sat nights. Anytime 7pm server or after the other nights can work.

Post on here and I'll hit you up in-game.

Contact Hoges
Hey we are currently recruiting for our switch from 10s to 25s. And could use your shaman or hunter. We raid mon-thur 12-3 st

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